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Pokémon Discussion

R.I.P. My partner. - Page 1

R.I.P. My partner.

Posted by: Pesuk
Date: 2007-08-03 23:22:52
(This isn't to much about Mew as much as it is somthing, I dunno, just read damnit.)
Oh my Mew, I am so depressed… Stupid Pok?mon Stadium\'s Bill PC storage!!! The starage data corrupted and lost my precious Mew and my precious surfing Pikachu and my Mewtwo and my other level 100\'s. Damnit, damn those stupid ntsc games to hell. I\'m gonna stick with PocketMonsters from now on. Stupid asshole game. I care for the games with extensive care. I even inspected the damn edge connectors on the cartridges, used cases, surge protectors and carefully handled the console. Ironically/oddly the hall of fame and registered PKMN\'s remain. How the hell could this happen? Are the different sectors of the save data stored on different fragments of the RAM IC, or are there totally different files or IC\'s? I should investigate this later.
Grr, I got my Mew from the convention around eight years ago.
Oh well… my Mew was just Hexadecimal values (couldn't even trade to PAL versions without becoming something else) but in the end it was just static energy. But isn't all of us in a way. Our body's are just material. Our possessions are just material. Like this computer, it's just plastic, glass metals and silicone melted into shapes, bought with a paper like material representing work hours. But people care for other people, not just because of their body's but because of something I can't really describe in words. My Mew was like a friend to me. Although Mew really was just pixels on a screen in reality it was real to me. Mew helped me in good times, In bad times and I helped Mew. Mew has a place in me. My memories. Kinda like but no-where near my friends and family. When people in my family and friends of mine die I still have the memory's of them. Memories are remnants of the past, like a video camera records wavelengths of light and stuff.
Anyway My Mew was like my friend. People say objects can't be friends but I read it in books allot. People have Mechs as friends. Speaking of books, although those a fiction they still process in people's minds as a reality. Oh well… I guess I could just shark me a Mew, I still feel it wouldn't be the same though.
OMG my Mew might still live. SOme jerk kid like six years back sneakily cloned my Mew on his gold. Damn I just remembered the kid moved some years back and got put in prison some time recently. I must find his game!!