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Pokémon Discussion

Pokemon MMOPRG idea thread - Page 1

Pokemon MMOPRG idea thread

Posted by: PichuUmbreon
Date: 2008-01-22 19:58:28
My idea for a Pokemon MMORPG with GSC-like look and feel appears to be pretty unpopular compared to Pokemon Enigma Edition and Pokemon GCL Version. I already posted two blog threads about it:;u=32;id=76;u=32;id=79

While I shouldn't try to pester people into talking about the MMORPG, I do want to make it clear that the only way it'd get into motion was if many people worked on it together and many people put their ideas together. After all, I do see quite a few problems with it that could easily be solved by democracy. *lols at the idea that it's possible that it might not end up GSC-like at all*

So… yeah. The beginning phase might as well start as a thread to post your ideas.

Re: Pokemon MMOPRG idea thread

Posted by: Yuzihax
Date: 2008-01-22 20:05:01
To tell the truth, I wouldn't have anything to contribute, although it's a kickass idea.