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Pokémon Discussion

An Article I found... - Page 1

An Article I found...

Posted by: Kannoniswrong11
Date: 2008-03-25 16:50:43
Nintendo Rumors,Truths,and Lies.
By Anon.

Pokemon RBY
MissingNO / Pok?mon 000

MissingNO is a programming quirk, and not a real part of the game. When you get this, your game can perform strangely, and the graphics will often become scrambled. The MissingNO Pok?mon is most often found after you perform the Fight Safari Zone Pok?mon trick.

To fix the scrambled graphics, try releasing the MissingNo Pok?mon. If the problem persists, the only solution is to re-start your game. This means erasing your current game and starting a brand new one.

True or False?:FALSE.
Viewing a Regular Pokemon's stats can restore the game's glitchy graphics, but it doesnt restore your Hall of Fame's glitched graphics.
Pokemon GSC
Please Note: If the time was set incorrectly when the game was started, there is no way reset it. Players will need to start a new game to change the clock.

True or False?:FALSE.
"Nintendo/Game Freak provided a way to reset the time, but the game requires a password."
Press Select+Down+B
And you will be required to enter a password, you can use this generator to find yours,
Broken Link.Will Fix.
All games
"Mew–the biggest rumors have starred Mew. Nintendo has stated numerous times that there is absolutely NO way to get Mew without a Nintendo Event or hacking device."

True or False?:Well its actually both,
The only way to get a real mew in versions past GSC you have to go to one of Nintendo's Events.But in RBY there IS a way to get mew without a GameShark or GameGenie.Its called the Mew Trick.
Check it out at

Pokemon GSC and 'DawnSilver,DuskGold'
"Nintendo seems to have trademarked Pokemon DuskGold and Pokemon DawnSilver.","It's TRUE that they've trademarked the names."-Sasuke89
So is there going to be a re-make?
True or False?:Rumor.
There have been hints of a GSC remake in Diamond and Pearl such as,
"Soon after the release of FireRed and LeafGreen, remakes of the original Game Boy games Red and Green on the Game Boy Advance, many began to expect similar remakes of Gold and Silver" -Bulbapeidia
"With the release of Diamond and Pearl and the start of Generation IV, it was now believed the remakes were going to be designed for the Nintendo DS. Unlike the Generation III era, however, several key pieces of evidence existed, such as a news report on the red Gyarados, Jasmine's appearance in Sunyshore City, the mention of Professor Elm's report about Pok?mon Eggs, Cynthia's SecretPotion (which, in its in-bag description, mentions Cianwood City), Bebe's friend from Johto (possibly Bill) who gave her the Eevee that is given to the player, the Gold and Silver Cards in Pok?mon Battle Revolution, and the Park Balls, which are gold and silver in color, with a light blue band across their middle. The definite clue is, however, hidden in-game data that shows the games have the ability to trade with Johto-based games (top right). "

An interesting article I found that is still under construction… :D THERE IS GSC REMAKE HOPE!
And Glitchcity it metioned too! WOOT!
I'll find more about this stuff later.