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Pokémon Discussion

MORE D&P INFO!!! - Page 1


Posted by: pokemon_yellow
Date: 2006-07-09 15:15:52
Check out these sites I found!!!

the second one has to do with D&P!!!


Info on the new pokemon being introduced in D&P
How to tell male from female PKMN

Check out all the links in the Whats new? Part by Munchlax!!


Posted by: Abwayax
Date: 2006-07-09 16:25:43
1. You can understand Japanese? 'Cuz I sure can't
2. Yahoo… I would have expected popups and shit, because free hosts often have popups. Of course, I hear the European version of Tripod is much better than the American version.


Posted by: ACE91
Date: 2006-07-09 17:01:01
Link 1

This is the (partially) translated version of a page with a movie of D/P. The movie showcases the 3D map system of D/P, which looks much better in motion than it seemed in the screenshots.

Link 2

The translations of the Pok?mon info on this page are laughable. Honestly, does this sound like a good description for Weavile?:

You open, it is dense [pokemon] of the time, type, [niyura] evolving, in [maniyura]! You can use also the [wa] [za] ?[ribenji]? which [niyura] does not remember.

"Dense Pok?mon of the time"? Are they calling Weavile fat? :D However, I'm fairly sure that the last part means this:

You can use also the move ?Ribenji,? which Sneasel does not learn.

(I can't read Japanese, but I read poorly translated Engrish exceedingly well. :P) If only I knew what "Ribenji" was translated, I might know what this new move that Weavile can learn is. Anyone here know Japanese?