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Pokémon Discussion

The Pokemon TV Show... - Page 1

The Pokemon TV Show...

Posted by: Ratipharos
Date: 2008-04-24 14:58:46
            Post how it is weird, strange, funny, or even… good. *shudders*

OK. I'll start it off.

1. Ash's Pikachu seems to always go down to level (low level here) every new region.
2. The Kangaskhan in 'The Kangaskhan Kid' (and all Kahngaskhan) have children, but there is no sign of any Ditto around, and all Kangaskhan are female.  =_=

Re: The Pokemon TV Show...

Posted by: Kannoniswrong11
Date: 2008-04-25 16:15:32
Meh I dont get the second one but I kinda agree with the first one.
And I noticed Brock isnt so "rockhard" anymore.
I mean a Happiny,Suduwoodu,and Croagunk? Certainly not girly but what happened to Onix? Geodude? Dang. What happened to teh awesome gym leader!
Personally I thought Ash's fishing lure that looked like Misty was hilarious.
There HAS to be something going on between them :P