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Pokémon Discussion

Bought a copy of Red, and Yellow to replace my dead Red cart... - Page 1

Bought a copy of Red, and Yellow to replace my dead Red cart...

Posted by: Stackout
Date: 2009-12-28 14:05:48
..and what I found was shocking.
On both the games the E4 haven't been beaten (no Hall of Fame)
On Red the Old Man Glitch had not been executed at all (with some quick calculations the name (JACK, actually JACK_NEW NA) spawns Golbat lv138, MissingNo ('M HYBRID) lv141, Electrode lv132, Pidgeotto lv127 or lv80 (don't know which) and Electrode lv128). I contemplated using it to catch a decent poke to pwn the E4, but then I decided against it (I didn't want to encounter MiNo and screw up the perfectly normal save file, and because there's a traded lv89 Mewtwo on the save file (OT: SQURTLE, it has Flamethrower, Flash (bah.. think i'll replace that), Strength and Recover)).
On Yellow it seems every trainer that walks up to you has been beaten, so no Ditto Trick (but maybe there is one trainer that has not been beaten..).
Haven't checked on Red. Maybe i'll just use my original GB link cable and trade all the decent pokes off Red and onto Yellow, then restart Red, or indeed do the opposite and restart Yellow.

EDIT: just realised it is probably impractical to restart Red. There is no way i can have a name which spawns glitches which don't save on encounter through the Old Man Trick. The default names in Red all spawn MissingNo 'M HYBRID (infact the current name has the best chance of not spawning it, at a one-fifth chance). Creating a NEW NAME only lets me use 7 out of 11 chars, so one would have quite a lot of chance of encountering 'M, unless I xploderlite to use 11 chars which is very unlikely as my xploderlite is glitched and I dunno how it happened (takes hours to just get to the main menu, unglitched)

EDIT2: traded over the only good pokemon and restarted Yellow. I called my character PHOENiX after Project Phoenix (well i couldn't think of a name!!) and I called my rival WAiLORD after a Flipnote where Ash sends out a Wailord that squashes May and her Torchic. (with blood)

Re: Bought a copy of Red, and Yellow to replace my dead Red cart...

Posted by: SCared_Fir3
Date: 2009-12-30 14:44:47
Wow :O Thats exciting. Ha I just found my blue version in my basement and I have a couple glitches on it, I did use a GS but my game isnt too bad/messed up. Yahoo! Im gonna go play it.

Re: Bought a copy of Red, and Yellow to replace my dead Red cart...

Posted by: Torchickens
Date: 2010-02-02 02:16:16
I bought my Pokémon Yellow cart from a car-boot sale (garage sale) a few years ago with a perfectly normal save before the first gym, with the character named 'BOB' I know this is probably just coincidenciatial but it made me laugh when I saw it, as if the owner was playing a practical joke on me.

I decided to start over and do an only run of one of the glitches on it, although if he knew that by now he probably wouldn't be so happy about it. I haven't finished it but surprisingly when I did a h poké run on Pokémon Red its data actually went into the hall of fame when I beat the game! Perhaps because the game probably regards it as a gengar in that sense.

Re: Bought a copy of Red, and Yellow to replace my dead Red cart...

Posted by: Sonikku1011
Date: 2010-03-30 03:19:44
Ironically enough, when I first got my Red version back in 2006 from a local game store where people trade in games, I went to the daycare man. And the person who had the cart before me named their Magikarp Raven! o.O (In case you're wondering on how that's strange, my two old accounts on here are Raventhet.t.ishot, and Raven freak…) The first time I went to the daycare man, the game froze though which was also strange. Also, before I got the game I said to myself "Watch either one of the pokemon is going to be named Raven, or the trainer named them self Raven." xD