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Pokémon Discussion

Oh boy, new ghosies!! - Page 1

Oh boy, new ghosies!!

Posted by: Blue Lickitung
Date: 2006-10-10 13:51:04
There are a lot of new ghosts. I love it. I used to have all the ghosts in R/S…oh well. They released a few and I'm here ta lend you a hand on how ta use these dudes….

#425 and #426-Fuwante and Fuwariado- HURRAH finally a ghost type that can learn FLY. Now I can have all ghost parties that know HMs. Well, first off, It's abilities are decent. I'd aim for Detonate, so you can use him as a half-sponge, but acrobatic would be good offense, as ghosts are commonly used for. He learns decent moves and has standard ghost stats (Low Def and SpDef, Hi Atk and SpAtk) and can learn good moves.

#429-Muumajii- Evolved form of Misdreavous. Not the best pokemon, fairly standard moveset. If you are willing to use a Dark Stone and a few TMs she'll do ya some good.

#442-Mirakuge- The Imprison Pokemon, he is THE best sponge EVER. Since it Ghost/Dark it has no weakness (untill Odor Sleuth) and high defense and special defense. It also learns many new stat-lowering moves. He can learn toxic (who can't) and lots of other TMs, but if you want a sponge (and who doesn't) this is your pokemon.

#477-Yonowaaru- By using a Spirit World Cloth, Duclops turns into the creepy looking Grab Pokemon, Yonowaaru! Still a pure-Ghost, he has great stats, High Def and SpDef (a trait most ghosts lack) and decent moves. Worth the effort to get.

#478-Yukimenoko- Ice/Ghost evolution of Snorunt, it must be a girl. Very good stats and movepool, I think more people will use this than Glalie. You could use an awakening stone on this or Psychic/Fighting Erureido. I'm gonna get Yukimenoko. She learns Blizard, Destiny Bond, And Eerie Wind*.

#479-Rotomu- Electic/Ghost type. Has enourmous SpAtk, and learns OK moves. I don't think I'll use him, since he has barely any ghost moves, and no evolution. more of a collector's pokemon if ya ask me…

#487-Giradina-FINALLY GHOST POKEMON GET THE RESPECT THEY DESRVE—- A LEGENDARY!!!!!! He has incredible moves, incredible stats, and is incredibly odd-looking. To top it off, he learns a ton of TMs and is definately worth a master ball.

So there they are. I'm looking foward most to Mirakuge-he's gonna own. I am aware of the Lickitung evo and I sorta wish I wasn't since he looks horrible, the tangela evo owns, and I hope you all don't lose to your first gym battle.

Showin' ya my point of view
Blue Lickitung

* Eerie Wind- (atk.) Eee-Ree-WenD. A ghost type attack raising all of the user's stats by one stage.

Re: Oh boy, new ghosies!!

Posted by: hoggins
Date: 2006-10-17 16:51:57
What I want to know is why isn't Darkrai a ghost type, it certainly looks like one… :-\

Nice descriptions of them, I never realised how useful Mirakuge was!

Re: Oh boy, new ghosies!!

Posted by: Bobaloo
Date: 2007-02-18 11:19:49

What I want to know is why isn't Darkrai a ghost type, it certainly looks like one… :-\

Nice descriptions of them, I never realised how useful Mirakuge was!

I think of ghost/dark when I see Darkraibread