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Pokémon Discussion

Strongest Pokemon Ever!!!!!!!!!!! - Page 1

Strongest Pokemon Ever!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Glitch28
Date: 2012-04-29 09:37:25
What do you think is the strongest Pokemon?

Re: Strongest Pokemon Ever!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Torchickens
Date: 2012-04-29 10:43:53
Depends on the situation, it's the moveset that matters as much as the Pokémon but as the power creeps up the Pokémon may become much harder to counter or deal with.

I think probably Arceus in terms of versatility, though many battlers prefer to use a normal, Adamant, Swords-Dance-Extremespeed Arceus invested in Attack. This is never to be underestimated, even when it's burned, but it isn't invincible. A powerful fighting type Pokémon might be able to survive an unboosted Extremespeed or take it down while it's Sword-Dancing. However, it becomes harder to predict if you use a particular move-set adapted to one of its plates (e.g. Ghost Arceus).

There are workarounds to everything, but sometimes the more versatile the Pokémon gets, the more gimmicky those workarounds have to be, meaning there are no real counters.

Back in the Generation IV era, I hated Choice Scarf Kyogre with Water Spout in double battles (probably because it took me ages to defeat Mysterial on Pokémon Battle Revolution). However, you had a good chance to defeat his team if you used Pokémon like Shedinja, Ludicolo or a water-absorber. If it was alone, then there would probably be a gimmicky way out, such as a Pokémon with Endeavor or Reversal with a priority move, but using Pokémon like F.E.A.R. Rattata was always very situational and not a solid option.

Re: Strongest Pokemon Ever!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Glitch28
Date: 2012-05-01 13:37:04
All Pokemon are afraid of these Pokemon regardless of the levels of either Pokemon:  Starly, Doduo, Rattata, Taillow. Treecko, Phanphy, and others.
They can all learn Endeavor and Quick Attack, or Endeavor and a first strike attack. They can even beat any number of Lv.100 ARCEUS, provided the number of ARCEUS is the same as the other Pokemon.