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Pokémon Discussion

GTS notifications - Page 1

GTS notifications

Posted by: VaeporSage
Date: 2014-03-22 14:32:14
It's a pain to have to check in from time to time on my Pokémon to see if it's been traded or not. I seem to recall there being a way of being alerted via email when the trade is completed.

However, I don't check my email very often, so I was wondering if:

1) It is actually possible to receive email alerts in this way;
2) It is possible to receive a text message notifying me of this email alert.

That would be perfect for me and save a lot of effort checking in with the GTS all the time.

Re: GTS notifications

Posted by: xparasite9
Date: 2014-03-22 20:14:25
That pretty much got thrown out three months after it was implemented.
And now all the previous generations' GTS servers will be shut down in a few months so it doesn't really matter anymore at this point.

Re: GTS notifications

Posted by: VaeporSage
Date: 2014-03-24 11:46:28

It was this I read. So it's the Pokémon Global Link logbook, not email!  ;D

But even so, if I go to the trouble of signing up for this Global Link thing (I don't even know what it is tbh), could I get the logbook to somehow contact me when the GTS trades my Pokémon?  :???: