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Pokémon Discussion

Which Pokemon game is the BEST Pokemon game? - Page 1

Which Pokemon game is the BEST Pokemon game?

Posted by: Missing? NO!
Date: 2014-05-11 01:28:17
We've been through a lot of adventures. We've defeated our rival to become the Champion, stopped Team Rocket and defeated Red on Mt. Silver, strolled around with Pikachu, saved Hoenn from flooding/drought, explored the Sevii Islands, battled through the Battle Frontier, kept space and time moving, re-explored Johto, went down an upside-down waterfall and caught Giratina, made N realize his mistake, kept Ghetsis from getting revenge, and saved the population of the world. We've done a lot.

What Pokemon (main-series) game is the BEST Pokemon game? Consider all elements here. Story, graphics, post-game content, extra features (Poketch, etc), and everything else. Which one is the best?

Re: Which Pokemon game is the BEST Pokemon game?

Posted by: Tsukuu
Date: 2014-05-11 01:36:44
X/Y. Emerald is the one I have most feelings for, B/W has the best OST and best story but it feels lacking somehow. HGSS feel like the most smooth game (it has a great menu and feels fast paced, idk how to explain this lol). But X/Y has a bit of everything, you can customize you character, has a good story, made breeding viable (we don't need to hack to get easy competitive pokémon anymore, and the game feel, and the game is beautiful overall. Can't elaborate right now, I've gotta sleep lol.

Re: Which Pokemon game is the BEST Pokemon game?

Posted by: Bert
Date: 2014-05-11 17:25:33
Black and White Versions. Gen 5 gave us some of the most memorable Pokémon yet, like Hydreigon, Serperior, Jellicent, Unfeazant, Cofagrigus, and Escavalier. It also shook up the formula, where Ghetsis was the final boss instead of the Champion. Unova was big and fun to explore, albeit a bit linear. Experience points aren't a huge hassle to get, thanks to Audino and the Lucky Egg combo.

Hell, even the villainous team was awesome. I didn't like Team Galactic much, but PLASMAAA! were so hammy it was impossible for me to hate them. Ghetsis was not only an awesome villain, but also a difficult challenge. Thanks, you horrendously underleveled Hydreigon!

Tl;dr: Gen 5 was awesome.

Re: Which Pokemon game is the BEST Pokemon game?

Posted by: tachi
Date: 2014-05-12 17:35:41
Blargharghargh Gen 4 was best because piplup! Blargharghargh lets debate about this, because your wrong and your opinions are wrong blargharghargh. (lets see if we can make this the first debate topic in a while)