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What happens if you randomize ORAS a bit too much... - Page 1

What happens if you randomize ORAS a bit too much...

Posted by: Charmy
Date: 2016-12-20 11:39:55
Well, Brendan/Orlando became a old women, my mother is Maxie, Machokes are icy rocks, and Sidney screams like one. I didn't even get to the first fight and it's already amazing.
Also, this:

Then Sidney screams that he hopes we'll both be able to meet more Pokémon on our journeys, and 2 of him leave. Then my mother talks with me about Pokéblocks. And I find myself in Lumiose City.
Also, the Azuril Doll is a old man. And when I try to run, I slide instead.
The note on the table says "Do you feel anything in particular when you look up at this wall?".
Also, I was forced to re-randomize the models, as saving crashed the game due to animation errors, I was a map before.
It's amazing. The power of pk3DS.
I forgot to mention that a Tourist was chasing a moving berry that was screaming, then he himself turned into a berry.