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Pokémon character symbolism - Page 1

Pokémon character symbolism

Posted by: Torchickens
Date: 2019-01-29 04:55:21
N and Ghetsis: N sought truths, while Ghetsis sought ideals. They had a heated relationship as N was exploited by Ghetsis, but although this may seem counterintuitive, it doesn't necessarily mean they were not compatible. For instance, it depends on the perspective; Ghetsis wanted N's powers to rule; for 'great expectations', one could say there is some truth in that because of Tao philosophy; at least if Ghetsis was stereotypically 'evil' he would have some followers who would believe in him. These could be represented by the Shadow Triad who were loyal to Ghetsis no matter what. It could be argued although Ghetsis was the ruler, he was paradoxically a slave to the Shafow Triad no matter what (who even said something in the games like "Ghetsis has lost his mind, we'll look after him". Also Ghetais did not necessarily hate N, but it could be viewed his love towards N was projected in an aggressive way (Ghetsis said something like 'that was a truly motivational speech, what I taught you was not a complete waste then').

On the other hand, it can be said that power corrupts. The 'wiser' or the more ideological people become, the more they may develop a blind spot. It doesn't mean those highest in power are not correct, but it doesn't mean they have the right to play God either. Whereas Ghetsis could be seen as ideological, N battled with himself to make truth; 'a formula that would change the world'; to make sense of why both people love Pokémon but they are allowed to fight. This could be seen as a coverted form of love.

Colress: So if Ghetsis symbolises yang and N yin, Colress also could have an essence of wuji. He seeks out the answer to a question "even if one without a conscience". If Team Plasma had won, Colress may have became a villain. But it was the protagonist who won, hence Colress came to believe it ''may'' be friendship between people and Pokémon which draws out their power. However, wuji might not mean lack of energy: was Colress formed by the state of events, or destined (without free will) to become the character he became in Sun/Moon?

Lysandre and Cyrus: Lysandre was not (in my opinion, others may see this differently) stereotypically bad from the beginning as he wanted a beautiful world. But it feels the symbolism was: just because you find something beautiful, doesn't necessarily mean it is. Lysandre feared the loss of beauty in the world and wanted to eliminate everyone else. Yet on one hand, it is our differences that makes us all the same (Xerneas). On the other hand ego creates destruction, yet paradoxically is not necessarily bad. (Yveltal). I personally see Zygarde as well as symbolism for nature: things materialise or die, and are not necessarily good or evil, but if there is a disturbance in the ecosystem nature rises its 'ugly' head.

The distinction between these two may be, Lysandre valued qualia, Cyrus valued lack of qualia.

Lusamine: I don't know if I have as much as an opinion on this one yet, but I relate with her. Because Lusamine desired the stereotypically 'feminine' concept of possession, and she could originally have been seen as 'motherly', but you have to be careful your possessions (Ultra Beasts) do not possess you or it may inflate your ego, and like Lysandre what you see as 'beautiful' could not be true to everyone else, and you risk alienation from your friends. Lusamine can be compared with the spiritual concept of the moon and also excessive stereotypical femininity. (Lunala)

Guzma: Although Guzma was a stereotypical 'baddy'/'gangster', he maybe unlike Lusamine did not wear a mask, so all of his aggressive traits were not suppressed. Also according to my friend, it was implied he was a victim to abusive parents; so it could be seen it is only natural  he was the way he was. He is not necessarily 'bad', and actually helped the player in Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon to confront the Rockets. Team Rocket said Team Skull had no ideals, and Guzma said something like "yes you got me all figured out". But Guzma was more action than talk, so he blocked the Rockets instead of complaining. (he could symbolise excessive stereotypical 'masculinity').