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Lorelei's dolls on Four Island - Page 1

Lorelei's dolls on Four Island

Posted by: Ryccardo
Date: 2019-07-27 18:58:05
Another fairly under-known feature of FR/LG (but not so much, compared to some others) is that the hall of fame entry count, ranging 0 to 999, is not just for bragging rights in having a high numbers - it's also used for unlocking one of the three stickers in the house in the middle of Four Island (which in turn are for bragging rights), as well as for adding more dolls to Lorelei's house (which in turn are for bragging rights)  ;D

Unlike with the former, which can be figured out by reading the giving character's script and making an educated guess knowing the three counters for which you can earn achievements, independently figuring out the appearance of the dolls is a matter of trial and error (as of the current state of the disassembly), since adding the dolls* is done by a mysterious predefined function according to the most comprehensive list called in the map script…

* not too unsurprisingly, they're not removed even if the number of HoF entries is somehow reduced afterwards

…but after figuring out the location of said counter, it's a simple matter of experimentation to come to the conclusion that one doll out of 9 is added every 20 victories in sequential order, and that they're handled like regular disappearing objects but in reverse (ie by managing a low-numbered flag, which number matches the object's "Person ID")!

I thought I had already read about this on Bulbapedia, but surprisingly it's not actually there as of today - indeed my intention to document this feature was due to a request and not even one of the first random passerby; I wonder why I vaguely remember that fact, then?

Re: Lorelei's dolls on Four Island

Posted by: Torchickens
Date: 2020-03-06 11:20:15
Wow nice research. Yes I seem to remember that and not knowing how it worked.