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Pokémon Discussion

Shared Game Freak song elements - Page 1

Shared Game Freak song elements

Posted by: Torchickens
Date: 2020-04-29 04:39:50
Game Freak's composers have a lot of shared melodies in their games. Discuss. I know a few of these, but there are likely to be a lot more.

Mendel Palace: @7:11  (and Blue appears theme )

Yoshi: - The first few notes of Music C Starman reminds me of RBY Game Corner

Click Medic: (You can hear something like the Pokémon low health noise in the background, though in general it may just be based on a warning signal)

Pulseman: - Neo Tokyo @0:34

; and ; - Pokémon Diamond/Pearl Barry's theme @0:37

Wario's Woods: - Sky

; and - Pokémon Red/Blue Route 24/25 music

BUSHI Seiryuuden: - Battle with Earthshaker

; and - Team Rocket HQ - Battle with Madake

; and - Pokémon Yellow unused theme - Boss Battle with Shionchou - A Bird's Flight

; and - Pokémon Ruby Maxie/Archie music  (this one felt very apparent with Shionchou, like the Wario's Woods and Pulseman example)

Related: Electivire's cry and a guitar sample

Cross-Pokémon game: - Bede's theme from Sword/Shield (@0:45-1:10)

; seems to have recycled elements from - Black 2/White 2 Pokémon World Tournament final battle music (particularly at 1:13)

Other notes:

I thought @0:46 below sounded similar to another song, but can't find it, so my memory may have been wrong. - Pokémon Black Elite Four music (@0:46) @0:20-0:27 - I thought these few notes sounded familiar too, but I'm unsure why.

Looking at the comments they compared it to Join Avenue from Black 2/White 2 as well - This is one of the Bazaru de Gozaru songs (another Game Freak game). I noticed a small similar elements  0:06-0:08 notes being a descending part of the Pokémon main theme (@0:06) however, it may be a common thing to have. - Drill Dozer 3rd Gear Music sounds very RSE - I always thought this radio jingle sounded like something from Wario Land, but I'm unsure if it ever was (and Wario Land is not developed by Game Freak) - Magical Taluluto-kun's playlist.  This song has elements similar to Pokémon

HarmoKnight actually has a few Pokémon bonus songs

Pocket Card Jockey music was composed by Go Ichinose too. The title song has similar parts to Pokémon songs too.

Re: Shared Game Freak song elements

Posted by: Deku-Kitty
Date: 2020-06-20 09:27:50
I know a few!

The Pokemon Pinball Name Entry Screen has its melody used for Sootopolis City:

A portion of Professor Rowan's theme is reused in Route 23's music in Black and White 2. (0:24)

This unused victory theme from Red and Green was reused in Gold and Silver for Mt. Moon Square, and it was also used in the victory theme for Stadium 2.

Re: Shared Game Freak song elements

Posted by: Torchickens
Date: 2020-06-20 14:08:06
Nice post! ^^ Thanks.

edit: maybe the sound effect from this song and Hydreigon's original cry?