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Missingno. information? - Page 1

Missingno. information?

Posted by: Solstice
Date: 2007-04-01 11:33:28
Does somebody have information about Missingno., like base stats, what moves it can learn etc?

Re: Missingno. information?

Posted by: Abwayax
Date: 2007-04-03 14:07:15
That stuff is on trsrockin somewhere, I think. I would have already put TM and HM information on all the glitchdex pages, but I lost that data and don't have the time to get all the

Missingno does not learn anything by level, however it can use some TMs. As for its base stats, according to the latest GlitchBattle database revision, its base hp is 33, base attack is 136, base defense is 0, base speed is 29, and base special is 6. The data I believe comes from Okk of the trsrockin forums.

Re: Missingno. information?

Posted by: Solstice
Date: 2007-04-03 21:30:44
Hmm, I was a bit wrong with the base stats. My guesses were: 10 HP - 115 Atk - 1 Def - 10 Spd - 2 Sp.