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Generation I Glitch Discussion

Ghost MissingNO. - Page 1

Ghost MissingNO.

Posted by: GlitchManic
Date: 2006-05-17 06:45:12
When battling a Rattata or Raticate with the ghost MissingNO. (in Yellow)
it shows the back picture of the guy.

Battling Rattata -  shows Rattata Back picture - but colored black, red, and yellow.

It's just something I noticed.

Re: Ghost MissingNO.

Posted by: Wild MissingNo. appeared
Date: 2006-05-30 22:08:10
Like with me a few years back on my first Blue I badly screwed it up with none-stop glitching, one day I went after a Lvl 128 Golduck but instead I encountered the Ghost MissingNo. and the Skeleton MissingNo. both of them, ever since my old Blue was useless always crashed always frozen so I had to throw it out and track it down again.