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Generation I Glitch Discussion

not compatable?? - Page 1

not compatable??

Posted by: tricat
Date: 2006-07-23 09:02:39
i was playing [glow=blue,2,300]blue[/glow] (ENG) and then i linked [glow=green,2,300]green[/glow] (JP) an went to the trade place then the entire screen went glitchy then balnk on the blue rom when both games acessed the computer thing but not on the green rom??
(note: this is the partialy translated rom) [glow=red,2,300]:)[/glow]

Re: not compatable??

Posted by: Abwayax
Date: 2006-07-23 13:49:09
Doesn't it say somewhere in the manual that you can't link two different languages together? Even though your Green may be "partially translated" it still counts as a Jap. Green.

Re: not compatable??

Posted by: xparasite9
Date: 2006-07-23 17:06:05
I think if it's even fully translated, it won't work.

Re: not compatable??

Posted by: Newo
Date: 2006-10-29 15:09:14
I successfully traded several pokemon across from a Blue (eng) to a Green (jp(not translated)) to attempt to find Green glitches that you can get via trade. It works…..Sort of. Most turn into Mews or to Glitches:- Dex 000. This applies to both games. Some pokemon do glitch and some cannot be traded across to any game, but they usually work in battles (not link)

Link battles NEVER work (from my tests)

By the way….The green surviving but blue not thing has happened to me..It seems to be caused by the blue having unlinkable pokemon. This can be caused by small things like one pokemon you try to bring in not being on a certain level so the green doesn't allow it so cuts of data transfer, but only one way. Green keeps the data.

Though I always have back up files. I have had more game save wipes than successfull trades (and that is a lot as I have had 19 successful trades)

[size=5pt]I know this is an old thread I just wanted to show the truth[/size]

Re: not compatable??

Posted by: Missingno.Fan
Date: 2006-12-10 16:07:40
You can trade from English to Japanese. I didn't know that

Re: not compatable??

Posted by: Newo
Date: 2006-12-10 16:16:03
You can but, it may break your game.