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Generation I Glitch Discussion

Teleportation? - Page 1


Posted by: glitchuntress
Date: 2009-02-26 14:04:10
I was playing around with this glitch I found and I some how went from Route 10 to Lavender Town without going through the Rock Tunnel.
It's not like this is the first time I've been transported to another place with this glitch but it's the first time I actually managed to get there without getting stuck, which is probably because I picked up a max ether canceling the glitch.
Do you think this could come in handy or do you think it's a pointless glitch?

Re: Teleportation?

Posted by: Bluelatios
Date: 2009-03-06 17:30:46
You need to explain more in-depth about how you trigger the glitch please. It is possible to have indefinite flukes, but if this is at least the 2nd time doing it then I dunno.

Re: Teleportation?

Posted by: glitchuntress
Date: 2009-03-07 17:40:02
It's kind of a long explanation but to put it simpily it's sort of like how you do the Error 0 glitch.
Except it happens on route 9 after you read the Cerulean City sign.

Then I walked around a bit, opened my menu, walked a bit more then I ended up in Lavander Town.