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Generation I Glitch Discussion

Bulbagarden fails at glitchology *YTMND failure noise* - Page 1

Bulbagarden fails at glitchology *YTMND failure noise*

Posted by: Abwayax
Date: 2006-09-11 01:32:36

The strangest part of this glitch Pok?mon is that it is the only Generation I glitch with a number corresponding to an actual Generation I Pok?mon. Whereas Missingno. and 'M are #000, and most other glitches are numbered between 152 and 255, this one's number is the same as Starmie.

Worthy of note: Both Bulbapedia and Wikipedia, for the most part, use trsrockin as their single source. There are 24 links on Bulbapedia's Glitch Pokemon template, several of them point to nonexistant pages (TRS glitch dex has 30 at last count; we have 112 *brag*). Pages for other hybrids (4.., a, A, etc) contradict the factual error in the Q article. Charizard 'M is incorrectly assumed to be a "form" of 'M (the only similarity the two have is the name).

The user who created nearly all of these articles, user:Latitude0116, whined when the Missingno and 'M articles on Wikipedia were merged. Dunno if that's of any significance though.

So what? Should we help edit Bulbapedia's glitch articles?

Re: Bulbagarden fails at glitchology *YTMND failure noise*

Posted by: rby4ever
Date: 2006-09-11 02:41:33
Mmmmm…. no. Just worry about your own site, and let them do as they please. It would take a lot of time to correct every little thing.

If you want to share the information, put a link to GC in the discussion area of the article, and state that some of the things aren't quite accurate. Welcome people to use your site as a source for the article… they can do the work if they want to… or… not.