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Generation I Glitch Discussion

fought team rocket in random battle - Page 1

fought team rocket in random battle

Posted by: ultimega123
Date: 2009-07-01 23:51:54
i did the old man glitch with ratata and i did this glitch many times near the island to fight MissingNo. for infinite rare candies when i don't recall at this point whether or not i had caught any MissingNo.s or stored them in boxes but i remember trying to do everything with it including evolving it and giving it rare candies but i don't recall exactly when this occured. this was not the ghost form of it just the glitch form.
i got into a random battle against team rocket and it was moderately glitched images at this point and i had mewtwo and other powerful pokemon in my party may have had some over lv 100 (this was many years ago) but i remember they sent out a gengar lv220 and one of my pokemon fainted and when i swapped out he swapped out his gengar for another over-powered ghost pokemon but he tried doing dream eater when i was awake or something but i recall koing like four of his pokemon and after koing two he would swap out multiple times between attacks including swapping out for missing no. and would even swap out for more team rockets until eventually i couldn't do a thing and most of my pokemon were dead. i know for a fact that this happened but my game also went through the wash before =).

Re: fought team rocket in random battle

Posted by: Guy
Date: 2009-07-02 16:15:20
Trainers can appear on the coastline with certain characters in your name. Their Pokémon depend on the variable that sets the level if you would find a Pokémon.
EDIT: By the way, PLEASE try to clear up your grammar. I had some trouble reading your post.

Re: fought team rocket in random battle

Posted by: Abwayax
Date: 2009-07-02 19:04:23
Tombstoner is correct. Please take the time to read the forum rules that you agreed to by signing up and posting.

The encounters you get with the Old Man trick depend on your player name. What was yours? The letter that causes the Rocket to appear is a question mark. I'm not totally sure if you can use those in player names.