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Generation I Glitch Discussion

Oddity in Blue - Page 1

Oddity in Blue

Posted by: IttyBitty
Date: 2010-11-28 20:39:01
I seem to recall that when I was going through the Elite Four in my Blue version, I noticed something odd about Lance's Dragonite…

I think I was fighting him with a beefy Starmie that I caught along the Cinnabar coast (Old Man trick, yadda yadda). I used either Thunderbolt or Thunder (I don't remember which; it's been a while) on Lance's Dragonite. And to my surprise, it said "It's not very effective…."
But…Dragonite's part flying…so I assumed I'd hit at x1 power, not x0.5 power. :???:

Is Lance cheating again (like he does in G/S/C)? Or is my game weird? Or am I just crazy?

Re: Oddity in Blue

Posted by: Blaziken257
Date: 2010-11-28 21:38:31
That happens because of Dragonite's typing. Electric is weak against Dragon but strong against Flying, and whenever that kind of situation happens in R/B/Y (when a move is strong against one type but weak against another), the game gives the wrong message because it only pays attention to one of the types; in this case, Dragon. That kind of thing happens a lot; for example, try using Ice or Grass attacks against Gyarados, Grass or Fighting attacks against Aerodactyl, Electric attacks against Zapdos, Ice attacks against Articuno, Ground attacks against Venusaur, etc. It gets even weirder when a Ground attack is used against a Flying type where the first type is weak to Ground (like Fire, Poison, etc.): it will always say that the attack missed (like Dig against Charizard).

But as far as I know, only the messages are glitched. It will still do normal damage, like Thunderbolt against Dragonite. So it's misleading.