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Generation I Glitch Discussion

Obtaining Missingno. from Japanese Blue - Page 1

Obtaining Missingno. from Japanese Blue

Posted by: camper
Date: 2012-08-14 05:56:31
From this video:

It's something related to the Cooltrainer move. It avoids direct encountering a Missingno., which I believe crashes the game. But I don't know what exactly is he doing as I don't know Japanese.

Re: Obtaining Missingno. from Japanese Blue

Posted by: OwnageMuch
Date: 2012-08-14 23:28:33
I just had a go at this on my PAL Blue and it worked just perfectly. Missingno. knows its normal moveset of Water Gun, Water Gun and Sky Attack. I cured its status with full heal and now I've made the stupid mistake of using a super potion on it when it had HP above max. >_>

edit1: Okay, it's just returned to its max health, which luckily didn't take nearly as long as it could have. I even left the digglet's cave (area is probably not important) without a freeze. I'll try to battle with it now.

edit2: It does have a long delay when sent into battle, but there aren't adverse musical effects like the video had.

Re: Obtaining Missingno. from Japanese Blue

Posted by: camper
Date: 2012-08-15 10:17:10
But why and how does it work?

Re: Obtaining Missingno. from Japanese Blue

Posted by: OwnageMuch
Date: 2012-08-15 21:24:44
Well simply selecting the super glitch move which sometimes replaces the Cooltrainer move turns the opponent into a Missingno. with multiple status. Viewing a summary seems to allow you to switch moves around, and from the experience I've had, it ALWAYS turns the cooltrainer move to super glitch if I've given myself the cooltrainer move in the preceding battle. Then you can try to switch it with another move if you want (not sure if it's necessary). Then you can catch the Missingno. that has replaced it. It might be worth noting that catching it without an empty party slot WILL cause it to go to the PC and the game will freeze upon going elsewhere. However, after removing the multiple status and resetting its health in my party it seemed rather stable, other than the glitched sprited that are scrambled/face away that you always get with glitches.

It might be worth noting that the "changing opponent's pokémon to missingno." is easily identifiable in a trainer battle, as the trainer will proceed to send out the pokémon that was previously in battle before the super glitch effects occured.

I'm not sure yet what's stopping the game from freezing after the battle like it normally does.

Re: Obtaining Missingno. from Japanese Blue

Posted by: camper
Date: 2012-08-15 23:07:31
Normally the Cooltrainer move always freezes the game after the battle (blank white screen) when the TMTRAINER effect occurs. In a trainer battle, it will loop forever as the trainer keeps sending out the same Pokemon however many times your Pokemon beats it. Switching the moves again seems the only solution to that. Or maybe the Japanese super glitch is more stable.

Does this also work on English RBY/Japanese RGY?

Re: Obtaining Missingno. from Japanese Blue

Posted by: OwnageMuch
Date: 2012-08-16 02:11:13
Yeah, that's what I tested it on, a real English Blue version

Re: Obtaining Missingno. from Japanese Blue

Posted by: OwnageMuch
Date: 2012-08-16 17:25:21
Ok, here's my latest observations:

1. The diglett cave seems to have some special ability to not freeze after a battle with the TMTRAINER effect involved.
2. Viewing my pokémon's status without looking at ditto's moves first will ALWAYS render the TMTRAINER effect in place of the Cooltrainer move.

Both very useful information.

edit: I need to amend point 2. It's not certain, in fact it only seems to work with certain Pokémon's status being viewed:

What I tested that worked:

The ditto itself

What I tested that didn't work:

h Poké

This is rather interesting, I wonder whether there are many pokémon that allow you to abuse this.

It seems that the position in your party is irrelevant at this point.

Re: Obtaining Missingno. from Japanese Blue

Posted by: camper
Date: 2013-01-13 04:23:11
I finally have the time to try this out for the first time in my Pokemon Red English Version (on emulator).

First, I tried it on VBA re-recording v21 but the Cooltrainer move just wouldn't change into super glitch no matter what I did. Tried it on v24 (a beta version with some bugs) and it worked.
(Not related, but this emulator locks up the game when I repeat the following procedure 3-5 times: on a cooltrainer glitched ditto, select FIGHT then immediately press B to return.)

Brought my Blastoise, Kadabra, Mew and A with me. Caught a fresh Ditto, flew to Vermilion, walked to Diglett's cave and saved the game.


Encountered a Diglett, transformed into it, switched the first move with the second, sent out Mew then sent Ditto back out.
I then tried to do the glitch immediately but the move wouldn't change to Super Glitch. I viewed A's stats and it was still the same except the Diglett's sprite scattered and I could access all 4 moves (-, Transform (shown as -), -, -). I ran away and saved the game.


Ran into another Diglett, still failed to activate super glitch. I then switched in A and back to Ditto after one turn. Spammed A on the move, and it worked! I needed 3 clicks to do anything. I tossed a Master Ball at the now seriously burned Diglett and successfully caught it a level 127 Missingno. ($32)!


I encountered ANOTHER Diglett. I switched in Missingno., which seemed to be both frozen solid and burnt. After 3 turns, I switched back in Ditto. I spammed A on the - move again and super glitch activated again. The Diglett turned blue as expected.* I tossed another Master Ball at it and caught the blue Diglett a level 127 Horsea! It was sent to the PC. Now I knew that walking straight out crashes the game, so I used an Escape Rope to Cerulean City. (the rope is looooooooooooong!) It worked fine. The caught Horsea was pretty normal except it was also burnt and frozen and was at level 127. I deposited Blastoise and Kadabra since they occupied valuable party slots.

–SAVEPOINT 2 via save state–

It became boring. No matter what I did, the super glitch didn't activate.

–Back to SAVEPOINT 1–

I couldn't even catch the Horsea again. I used FRUSTRATION! It's not very effective…

*I decided to perform this glitch myself after watching the catching level 127 Horsea video by Paco.