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Generation I Glitch Discussion

Researching my Silph Co. PC Glitch - Page 1

Researching my Silph Co. PC Glitch

Posted by: Raven Freak
Date: 2012-08-27 16:41:04
So remember that glitch I posted about back in 2009 or so? (It's this one incase you forgot: Well i've decided to research it, to see what Pokemon triggers different tiles and such. Here's my research, I have made it up to Blastoise (ID 1C) for now, but i'm going to finish this list ASAP. My research also includes a theory, which may or may not be correct. Please tell me if it isn't, I haven't downloaded a disassembly yet though I plan on to figure out how and why this happens. Anywho on to my notes. :D
This is my research on the silph co. glitch city glitch I discovered when I was 13 years old. (Yes seriously, I discovered
it back when Glitch City was first created... but I didn't have a computer. My grandma did, if only I knew about emulators
back then...) First off we know that Pidgey can trigger an area that you're capable of exploring a tad bit
without the use of a cheating device. Each Pokemon's ID number determines which tiles load,
and some share the same tiles. This is a theory but I believe is true, Silph Co. is coded like a dugeon,
because you can use an escape rope or dig to get out of the building, as opposed to other buildings such as Pokemon Tower.
This is most likely the cause of the glitch, because even if you do this on the invisible PC in the building in Celadon,
it has the same effects as checking it in a pokemon center or the fossil lab on Cinnnabar.
It simply does nothing. It should also be noted that some species enable the same glitched tiles.
01-Rhydon:Unable to explore without gs
02-Kangashkan:Unable to explore
03-NidoranM:Unable to explore-same glitched tiles as Clefairy
04-Clefairy:Unable to explore-same glitched tiles as NidoranM
05-Spearow:Unable to explore
06-Voltorb:Unable to explore-same glitched tiles as Slowbro
07-Nidoking:Unable to explore
08-Slowbro:unable to explore-same glitched tiles as Voltorb
09-Ivysaur:unable to explore
0a-Exeggutor:unable to explore
0b-Lickitung:unable to explore
0c-Exeggcute:unable to explore-same tiles as it's evolve form
0d-Grimer:unable to explore
0e-Gengar:unable to explore
0f-NidoranF:unable to explore
10-Nidoqueen:unable to explore
11-Cubone:unable to explore
12-Rhyhorn:unable to explore
13-Lapras:unable to explore
14-Arcanine:unable to explore
15-Mew:can explore area (a little less than pidgey)
16-Gyarados:unable to explore
17-Shellder:unable to explore
18-Tentacool:unable to explore
19-Gastly:unable to explore
1A-Scyther:unable to explore
1B-Staryu:unable to explore
1C-Blastoise:unable to explore

Re: Researching my Silph Co. PC Glitch

Posted by: VaeporSage
Date: 2012-08-30 11:42:07
What are you doing with each of the Pokemon to trigger the map warp? It's unclear in your post and in the article. Are you looking at its status, switching it with another Pokemon, withdrawing/depositing the Pokemon…?

Re: Researching my Silph Co. PC Glitch

Posted by: Raven Freak
Date: 2012-09-01 01:07:50
First you have to battle either a trainer or a wild Pokemon. Then you need to look at Missingno.'s or M's stats, and finally looking at the Pokemon League Site on the PC will trigger a map change. I've made a video that might make it a bit more clearer on what you need to do after battling, and the link is bellow.