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A save file to experiment with - Page 1

A save file to experiment with

Posted by: MrGlitch
Date: 2013-02-08 14:54:40
So I found this save file, but I have no idea how I got to where I am in it.  I'm apparently in a severely glitched version of Celadon City, and the music is all kinds of messed up.  Here's a link to it (it's not a virus or adware, I'm better than that.  :-* )

One precaution: going too far south on the path to the S.S. Anne will cause a game crash.

Have fun! Tell me if you find anything interesting.

Re: A save file to experiment with

Posted by: camper
Date: 2013-02-09 00:50:33
You can enter a house if you walk down exactly behind the Mart. Upon exiting, the map will become normal again. However you still can't walk out of it.

BTW that is Vermilion.