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Generation I Glitch Discussion

[RBY?] Waking up with disabled move - Page 1

[RBY?] Waking up with disabled move

Posted by: Ryccardo
Date: 2014-11-13 10:24:13
So today I was battling the Lass in the grass on route 3, the one with a Jigglypuff, and the battle went this way:

Jigglypuff VS Pidgey
<Sing makes Pidgey asleep for 3 turns
>I then attack for 3 turns with Gust, taking back a [normal attack - don't remember the exact name], a failed Sing, and another of that attack
>With 1 HP left, I switch
Jigglypuff VS Pikachu
<Sing (5 turns IIRC)
<In the meanwhile I also get Thunderbolt disabled
>and… the turn it wakes up (probably by coincidence), the narrator claims that Quick Attack became available again!
I won the battle using Pikachu and Squirtle afterwards with no other apparent weird effects.

Re: [RBY?] Waking up with disabled move

Posted by: luckytyphlosion
Date: 2014-11-14 15:02:23
I have no clue how that happened, but the only answer I have is you probably misread something.

Or, the Pidgey had Quick Attack, got it disabled, and had it re-enabled while Pikachu was out, but I don't see how that could work.