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Pokémon Yellow Super Glitch item question - Page 1

Pokémon Yellow Super Glitch item question

Posted by: Torchickens
Date: 2014-11-16 13:19:39
In Pokémon Red and Blue, the hex:80 item causes Super Glitch, due to its improperly terminated name.

For people who don't know, Super Glitch items corrupt the memory when you open the Use/Toss box or try to sell them, because their name is copied from CD6D to CF4B up to (inclusive) 50. If there is no 50 in the first 20 characters, screen data (which is refreshed every time you open the items menu, Pokémon menu, etc.) gets copied to CF5F and onward until a 50, after which nothing else is copied. The same things happens with the CoolTrainer (hex:00)'s move, because of its random and possibly unterminated internal name.

For illustration, here is an image I made that explains where the 50h on the screen is within battle.


Now, with at least the hex:80 item in Red/Blue you can cause the TMTRAINER effect with it if you're in battle, presumably because you must open the items menu (updating the stored graphics up to a 50, which exists) before using the item, and it's not the item's effect that causes Super Glitch, but rather its name.


This is my actual question: The hex:81 item in Yellow seems to have no 50h in its first 20 characters, but using it in battle doesn't cause the TMTRAINER effect. Why is this? I thought functionally it would work like a Master Ball (hex:01) because of TheZZAZZGlitch's rule that items above hex:7F act like that item -80h.