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Generation I Glitch Discussion

Pokémon Ao/Aka/Midori Weird Pokédex Entryies/Species - Page 1

Pokémon Ao/Aka/Midori Weird Pokédex Entryies/Species

Posted by: Spoink
Date: 2015-01-28 15:35:09
Note that I used Google Translate (ugh) so it isn't accurate.


C0's Species: き く 現 It means 'It is said appear a lot Daiiki.'
E6's Species: まくって つ (x2) It means 'Watch out you because they like crazy out a wrench.'
F9's Species: まって ときどき だばくはつ と It means 'Also cause occasional Chapter explosion because it is waiting.'
FA's Species: き ひふ なな て It means 'I have to Namename the skin sweat.'

A lot of entries simply say "で", which means 'in' or 'on'.


C0's Species: ぶつで 大きな などに ばば 現 It means 'Diplomatic often I appear in such large power plants in the hit.'
DC's Species: くの くと でつ It means 'Emits a magnetic force transfer of the capital coercive voltage of consentration.'
DE's Species: どに ばば 現 It means 'Etc. often I appear.'
EE's Species: 場で 蹴と でき It means 'It is possible that I'll kick your opponent, even if.'
FB's Species: きくな
D6's Species: で びって It means 'I'm flying in speed.'
DD/FB's Species: だにつくと なな とな そ どくの ぶ みてく It means 'Can not be taken quite When I arrived to the body. Come yet been steeped component of Germany from there'