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Generation I Glitch Discussion

[RBY] Trainer fly glitch disappearing item - Page 1

[RBY] Trainer fly glitch disappearing item

Posted by: Trevor
Date: 2015-05-27 17:16:49
Hi everybody :)

in Pokemon Blue I used the Trainer fly glitch in combination with the "Ditto Trick", to get pokemon battles.
I always encountered the dittos on route 15, east from fuchsia city, everything worked normal.

Then I realized that the item TM20 that should be on that route, but it wasn't there, and I am 100% sure I didnt pick it up before.
So using the glitch on that route must have made the item disappear.

So now I am curious to find the answers for these 2 questions:
1. How can such a thing happen, and did anybody else experience this before?
2. How can I now obtain TM20, is there a "fix" for that bug, or a general "generate item by ID" glitch?

Thanks in advance

Re: [RBY] Trainer fly glitch disappearing item

Posted by: Torchickens
Date: 2015-06-02 22:03:44
Hi Trevor, welcome to the forums!  :D

1. I'm not exactly sure what might have happened if the TM20 disappeared and didn't go into your inventory I'm afraid.

It reminds me that you are able to get items in item balls (but without a jingle) if you bring up a specific text box other than the start menu before returning to the route you escaped from. You can pick up the item and it will be added to your inventory even if you have already obtained it.

How it works is that the game brings up a text box for the new map with the same ID as the text box from the previous map, so an ID that may be a sign or NPC in one map may be an item ball in another.

For instance, if you do the long-range Trainer glitch in Viridian Forest, enable the ability to get an encounter (with a Trainer, or by changing boxes/selecting the same box through change box, then resetting and being guided by the museum guy), then if the last text box ID was 08 (e.g. the Pewter City sign) you will pick up a Potion when you return to Viridian Forest. If you do not use up any Trainers, then you can keep getting Potions (infinitely?) each time you repeat the glitch.

Here is a video.

2. You can generate items with TheZZAZZGlitch's looping map trick that requires an expanded items pack.

The easiest way to get an expanded items pack is to get an item stack x255 and an item with ID greater than the Celadon City x boundary (e.g. X Special x255) using a glitch called dry underflow.

A stack of x255 can easily be achieved in Red and Blue with the old man trick (once you get a x129 stack, toss 2 and encounter another Missingno. to get x255).

If you are using Pokémon Yellow, you could try the Ditto trick to encounter a stable Missingno. (Special 182-184) - as regular Yellow Missingno. very often freezes the game. It can duplicate your sixth item by 128 perfectly upon encounter, just like regular R/B/Y Missingno. In order to get the x255 stack without having to do a Trainer-Fly again; make the sixth item a certain usable item other than a Poké Ball such as a Potion, then use it twice to get x127 in the sixth slot and capture it, as capturing the Pokémon will make the sixth item become duplicated (sets the encountered flag).

Another option if you have a link cable is to use the Cable Club escape glitch with a stable Missingno.

If you are out of options, you can try Pikachu off-screen arbitrary code execution (which can be performed with one Game Boy regardless of your progress) to get the expanded items pack, but it takes time as my non-TAS method stands (fighting many Pokémon).

I had a think about if it was possible to do the glitch I described in 1 to get the TM20.

The TM20 item ball is ID 0B. If you are able to set up a Trainer-Fly on Route 15, that means you can talk to the Route 14 sign (as it is also ID 0B) before returning to the route, and that may mean you would be able to get the TM20.

I'm not aware of any long-range Trainers on that route, even though setting one up may be possible with "Rival's effect" glitch item (such as hex:94) that lets you hide a Trainer so that you can escape even if they aren't a long range Trainer. You could also manipulate item 118 identifier (representing D625/D624; the Route 15 map script) in an underflowed PC box to 1. Unfortunately the item with an identifier of 01 is the Master Ball, and to get a Rival's effect item or an underflowed PC, you would likely have to perform dry underflow on the way, in which case you probably would be better off generating the item.


Hope this helps.

Re: [RBY] Trainer fly glitch disappearing item

Posted by: Trevor
Date: 2015-06-04 04:16:52
Thank you for the reply,
it's really interesting how many glitches and variations of glitches can be performed to achieve various things.

The looping map trick doesn't really suit me I dont feel like playing the main story all over again just to have an event that takes an item away from me :-X

What I'm trying to do now is to obtain the 8F Item be using invalid encounter flags - that is way more interesting to experiment a bit with that item - and I could also generate TM20 with that :)
But while trying to obtain that item I also ran into problems:,6638.msg198622.html#msg198622

Re: [RBY] Trainer fly glitch disappearing item

Posted by: Krys3000
Date: 2015-06-04 09:47:18

I answered your other post on the 8F thread. As you will see there, you have no need for an item-taking event to perform the dry underflow.