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Generation I Glitch Discussion

"Item Cooltrainer Trick" Manipulation - Page 1

"Item Cooltrainer Trick" Manipulation

Posted by: Krys3000
Date: 2015-08-31 09:40:47
Hello guys,

Here is a new video I made for PRAMA in which I show a new way to generate Pokémon with the Cooltrainer Trick using the stored items. This comes from TheZZAZZGlitch's video about Out-of-Bounds glitch city item manipulation, but it has been readapted by our tester ISSOtm that you probably know for being a wiki contributor here.

I don't think it has been researched or discussed previously by TheZZAZZGlitch or anybody else. Because of Youtube description limitations and because I want to provide this video an English description, I will post that translated description here, and put a link in the video's description, as I did with my previous one. This will lead people directly in this thread.


[EN]: This video is made by Krys3000 of the PRAMA Initiative
It shows a new variation of the Cooltrainer Trick in which you generate Pokémon from the stored items in the PC. This method involves a Glitch City and the Noclip Trick (aka Walk through walls glitch. I consider this name to be irrelevant, because you don't walk "through" walls at all, you walk over them).

Since you probably don't read french, here are some useful Glitch City Labs pages :

Our previous (though french speaking) video about Noclip trick :

The Cooltrainer Trick is a glitch allowing you to catch a Pokémon based on tiles, discovered by TheZZAZZGlitch:

An extension discovered by luckytyphlosion and documented by ChickasaurusCL/Torchickens allows to generate a Pokémon from the second letter of your Pokémon:

TheZZAZZGlitch then discovered a region in OoB Glitch City matching with the items :

THIS METHOD WORKS IN ENGLISH VERSIONS - But the video shows a french game. In English games you will need to go 10 steps left after going up to reach the "Number of stored items" address.

To generate the Pokémon you want using this new method, you must:

- Get a Ditto to know the Cooltrainer Move. To do this, catch a Ditto, get him to fight a Pokémon with more than one move. Transform into it, and switch move 1 and 2. End the fight, and your Ditto now has an empty move in the first slot. This is the Cooltrainer Move.

- Be able to use the Cooltrainer Corruption. This depend on several RAM parameters. You have a good english post from TheZZAZZGlitch with indications to make it to work on GCLF:,6992.msg198569.html#msg198569

- Know the hex value of the 4x4 tile block containing the tile you need to face this Pokémon using this trick. The tile must be well-placed within the block as you can see in the video. We have established a tileblockdex to help you with this :
But note some characters are different in English versions, which might lead to differences in some blocks.

- You can generate Pokémon of any of the 12 first stored items. To use the first item, its hex value must match the hex value of the determined 4x4 tile block (see above). The item which is 28 positions after (meaning the 29th item if you use the first, 30th if you use the second etc.) will be used to generate a tile block containing the tree (hex:50 tile) necessary for this glitch to work. There are many items you can use, for example a Full Heal if your Pokémon's tile is in the lower half of the 4x4 block, and a Pokédoll if not.

You can also use any item at both slots, if their quantities matches the decimal conversion of the hex values. In my example, the Bicycle (hex:06) and the Full Heal (hex:34) can easily be replaced by a Pokéball x6 and a Potion x52, provided that you place yourself differently in the Glitch City (see below).

You also have to be careful because some items generate trees and can break the glitch. Avoid having as the two following items of the two chosen ones (here, positions 2, 3, 30 and 31) : Pokédoll, Full Heal, Revive, Max Revive, X Defense and Old Rod (and the prototype version of PP Up) unless you know what you're doing. Also avoid that item quantity of both the chosen items (and the following one, in each case) is 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 66 or 76.

GCL's list for Pokémon/Item/Hex/Dec matching:

Tile positions in this region of Glitch City:

Steps :
1/ Store both items at the right position. All the items between them can be anything, but avoid any hex:3X item close to your two used items because this might generate tree tiles.
2/ Have an Escape Rope (optionnal), Potions and Balls in your item bag, and a Pokémon knowing Fly.
3/ Perform the Noclip Trick:
3.1/ All your Pokémon must be fainted but one, which must be poisoned. Go to Fuchsia City inside the Pokémon Center, then go out and enter Safari Zone.
3.2/ Exit immediately, answer NO to get back inside the Zone, and walk a few steps.
3.3/ Note your remaining steps, save and reset. Exit the Zone counting your steps. You must jump a ledge with your 500th step including those made before the reset and those to exit the Safari Zone. You will be called back in the Hall with the ability to walk above walls. The poisoned Pokémon must not faint during this step, so heal it when needed.
3.4/ Allow your poisoned Pokémon to faint by walking inside the hall without exiting the map. You will be back in Fuchsia's Pokémon Center with the glitch active.
4/ Place Ditto in first position.
5/ Place yourself above the wall in the intersection with Sea Route 19 (as in the video). Do 44 steps left and 93 steps up to reach the Glitch City region generated from stored items ; in English versions, do an extra ~10 steps left to reach the good zone.
6/ Place yourself one step beneath and 4 step right to the 2x2 tile containing your tile in its right superior corner. The tree must be in the row located one 2x2 tile beneath you and not lower (see image above !)
7/ Open the start menu and Fly to Vermillion City. DO NOT OPEN THE START MENU ANYMORE.
8/ Perform the Cooltrainer Trick:
8.1/ Go inside Diglett's Cave and encounter a Pokémon.
8.2/ Open the FIGHT menu and close it. Sound slowly fades, changes, and the screen gets glitched. If it didn't work, try again several times. If you need to, run away and try another Pokémon. If it still doesn't work, see TheZZAZZGlitch's post above to help yourself getting this to work. NEVER OPEN ANY OTHER MENU.
8.3/ Catch the Pokémon using balls. He will be changed to the Pokémon you wanted!
8.4/ Leave the cave with an Escape Rope or by Open/Closing the Start Menu then taking the normal exit. Don't forget to heal both Ditto and the Pokémon you just got to clean them from the corruption.

Re: "Item Cooltrainer Trick" Manipulation

Posted by: Torchickens
Date: 2015-08-31 13:02:36
This is a great trick! Thank you very much Krys3000 and ISSOtm. :D

No. I don't think that anyone has ever manipulated items as tile blocks for CoolTrainer like that before. It's cool that you can access the data of the stored PC items as blocks in the Glitch City. :)

On the subject of what index numbers the 4x4 blocks have, the tool Pokemap should be of help. However, it does not cover glitch 4x4 blocks, though you could use memory editor to find them (e.g. with this code that may or may not be different by +5 in the French version).


I will think of working on a block dex :).

There are two other CoolTrainer techniques luckytyphlosion discovered that you might be interesting in adapting to the French version:

1) Instant CoolTrainer (requires an expanded items pack)

D35F-D360 (D364-D365 in French versions) control the "event displacement" address. It is a pointer that points to where the game gets block data for the top-left 4x4 block on the screen (and blocks that follow I imagine).

Apparently someone named gifhevexxin generated a huge number of logs that tell you pointers for every Pokémon except for Omantye, Dugtrio, Caterpie, Kingler, Haunter, Missingno. (hex: A2, dec 162), Charmeleon, Oddish, " W G d " (hex: CE, dec 206).

The logs can be found here in the "instaCT logs" folder.

If we want a Mew CoolTrainer, we can open document 21.

The document will look like this.


This means that you have to go to one of the maps listed (what the index numbers correspond to can be looked up here) and then change event displacement (item 33 quantity, item 34) to the "offset" value (endianness is reversed!), block y (item 35 quantity), block x (item 36) and map width (item 38 quantity) to what is listed.

We can use map 37 (Red's House 1F) or one of the other maps listed (though I haven't tested them for Mew). 4FE0 is a good "offset" because E0 is TM24 (which is not a glitch item unlike B4 or AC).

So if we put in the data:


(D35F/D360: E04F, D363=0, D364=1, D369=1), you can get the tiles for a Mew CoolTrainer instantly after closing the menu and opening it again (hence the name instaCT).

To Dig away from your house, set D367 (item 37 quantity) to 03 afterwards.


A video of this glitch to get Weedle. I find it a bit like "using a sledge hammer to crack a nut…" but apparently it helped in speedruns.

Sadly the ROM data between English and French data are bound to be different.

However, if the event displacement pointer is in WRAM (e.g. in the middle of PC items?), then you may be able to force an instant Glitch City based on manipulable data, like how in this item Cooltrainer you bring up an out of bounds Glitch City with stored PC data.

I get the impression that this may reveal something deeper into how out of bounds Glitch Cities work; does the event displacement pointer (that changes as you walk around) end up in WRAM(?).

2) Rival CoolTrainer glitch: Some glitch items such as hex:9E in Red/Blue print tiles on to the screen. For this glitch item (or hex:80 in Yellow), it is possible to print the Rival's name if you view the item in a specific location (due to one of the tiles on the screen being hex:53 "roof tile" which serves as the rival name control character), and it is possible to print one of these Rival's name letters on to coordinate x=1, y=6; which controls the species for CoolTrainer/LOL glitch.

By using 9F (hex:5F, Red/Blue) or -gm (hex:6A, Yellow) you can save this data into the cached screen data, and use it for CoolTrainer, provided that a 50 tile is still present on the screen.

Since you can do this with Rival's name letter 4 (if Rival name length is 6) and since it is item 24's quantity; you can access many tiles printed as though they were in-text by changing your Rival's name. Non-text characters like hex:15 can be used for Rival CoolTrainer but certain control characters, etc. like $52, $53, $54, $56, $59, $5C, $5D, $5E cannot.

Re: "Item Cooltrainer Trick" Manipulation

Posted by: Krys3000
Date: 2015-08-31 16:22:07
Thank you for your answer Torchickens! We are happy to have contributed to the knowledge about this very interesting glitch. We are at the beginning of this, we plan to make an article for PRAMA, maybe also add it to GCL when it will be more elaborated? :)

Thanks about this indication for glitch 4x4 blocks. I have been using VBA's Memory Viewer to change the stored items while being in this glitch city region to view them; but this will help a lot.  ;)

I already have seen data about those glitch items while watching your videos on the LOL Glitch to write an article about this one too (though I still have to do it…). However I did not know about the Instant Cooltrainer. I have seen and downloaded this archive before, but I didn't really understood what it was about - and now it's very clear. Thanks!  :D

This Instant Cooltrainer variation is awesome and probably is the most powerful Cooltrainer variation, and I will definitely look forward into this for french games. Anyway, I was confident that we could "power" the Cooltrainer trick with 8F code execution, for example, in order to get rid of every limitations (such as modifying tiles to generate any Pokémon you want) but I didn't mention it because ultimately, having access to an expanded item pack gives you so much control on the game that every other glitch becomes unnecessary to whatever you want to do!

I think item underflow/8F-generated glitches (or variations of glitches) are interesting on another level than those who don't use them for this reason. However, I must say that using just the expanded item pack to trigger glitches (here the Cooltrainer but also the Ditto trick) might be less painful to do than getting every item and Pokémon you need for an 8F setup. So that's really great  ;D

Re: "Item Cooltrainer Trick" Manipulation

Posted by: ISSOtm
Date: 2015-08-31 18:07:21

This is a great trick! Thank you very much Krys3000 and ISSOtm. :D

Man, when I started glitching Pokémon Yellow, I didn't think one day the Great King Of Awesome Glitchiness Torchickens [size=8pt]Seriously, you and TZG are awesome[/size] would congrat me.
Now I can turn back to my human form. Thanks.
April: Oh! ISSOtm is back to his real form. You guys are great! Thanks for your help. Let's celebrate with a pizza.

(okay, maybe I should stop playing old NES games)

Okay, now on to the serious stuff.
There are some things I want to patch from the video :

Now, I'd like to say : well, we might have found something cool but you found something definitely far better and more powerful. We guys from the PRAMA Initiative need to port it to international releases. Good job anyways.

Your suggestion of using Instant Cooltrainer with PC items sounds good.
First thing I can tell for Rival Cooltrainer is that instead of 9F, we French players will need 8ème étage. We should work on this from now on. Gee, thanks a lot Torchickens !

Lastly, just a heads up : contrary to what is written in GCL wiki, OoB Glitch Cities and Wrong Warp Glitch Cities are EXACTLY the same thing. Maybe you wanna change that :)

Re: "Item Cooltrainer Trick" Manipulation

Posted by: Krys3000
Date: 2015-09-01 02:22:37
(you should, but I can't blame you, since I've been in SNES mode lately)

You're more the expert than I am, ISSO. But, maybe, both are Out-of-Bounds (since with wrong warp glitch city you can reach the normal map by going to real coordonates) but not the exact same thing ? Like, one being FAR AWAY from the map and the other NOT SO FAR AWAY or something like that. I haven't checked at all.

Anyway as I told you, I wasn't aware about the "Start menu in the cave" stuff to avoid freeze. Though I got used to do the Cooltrainer Trick this way so I didn't really wonder when I did the video. I'll add that in annotations and description  :D

Yep, I didn't had enough space in the french description to talk about the other method that generates from bag items but needs you to have 4 badges. But since we have this thread now we can do that! Be my guest  :P

Re: "Item Cooltrainer Trick" Manipulation

Posted by: camper
Date: 2015-09-02 00:34:14
Wrong wrap glitch cities have different event displacement (is this the term?) from if you walk there normally.

Re: "Item Cooltrainer Trick" Manipulation

Posted by: Krys3000
Date: 2015-09-03 07:41:37
Oh, I see. Thanks for that.

I've made some extra findings on this that might be interesting.

- The Item Cooltrainer Manipulation works in English versions as well. You only need to go a little more left (I went to 7E, 3D like I did for the French version, then around 10 steps to the left you will find the English address for stored items).

- You can actually visualise a lot of RAM Map in OoB glitch city. If you continue up, you will find blocks based on Pokémon data, for example. I was able to generate Cooltrainer yield using the nickname of my Pokémon, and also through stat data from my 6th Pokémon.

- You probably have seen TheZZAZZGlitch using OoB Glitch City to change the quantities of his items by cutting a tree on a 4x4 tile. You can do the same thing here to affect your Pokémon. For example if you have 51 in a stat, you can turn it instantly to 108 by going to the corresponding tile and cutting the tree in it. That's awesome.

This is very cool, really. I will continue researching Glitch City RAM viewing (and manipulating)! Don't hesitate to join as well if you have time :p

Re: "Item Cooltrainer Trick" Manipulation

Posted by: Krys3000
Date: 2015-10-05 10:33:47
Hello everyone,

So I finally found some time to work on this again. Allow me to introduce to you the almighty tileblockdex !


Using this you will be able to entirely customize your cooltrainer. For example, if you want to do a Mewtwo Cooltrainer, you will need the tile "D" as you can see in [url)]TheZZAZZGlitch's tile table (or in GCL's big list, of course, as letters are nothing but special tiles).

You will need a tile block that has this wanted tile in a specific position. For more informations about tile placement, see this instruction.

Fortunately as you can see in my tileblockdex, tile block B3 has the D tile in the good spot. B3 is the hex value of a glitch item and also matches a high quantity (179).

If you want you can follow the steps described in the first post with either this item of any item with this quantity. But this would require the use of other glitches and let's say you don't want to do that. Stored items are not a good choice.

Now, if you haven't followed the recent discoveries about OoB glitch city and custom cooltrainer, it is time you read the thread about Glitch City RAM Manipulation. To keep it simple, your best (?) shot is to have :
- 5th Pokémon with Acid (a pretty common move) in 4th position
- 4th Pokémon with a Special Stat of 179
This will generate the B3 block in the block matching with address $D21A, and just below that, the 33 (hex ID for Acid) block containing the tree (address is $D252)

Use the block-matching RAM Map to place yourself properly (two blocks right from the 33 block, in the north-west corner).


Open the Pokémon menu, fly to Diglett cave, encounter a Pokémon and do the Cooltrainer Corruption. Catch the Pokémon and it will be Mewtwo!

Now have fun doing your own Cooltrainers! Just note that some characters are not the same in French version (used for the dex) and English version (é, à, ï, etc.). So there might be some differences in the blocks if you are playing an English game :/