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Generation I Glitch Discussion

How to beat Pokémon Yellow in less then five minutes - Page 1

How to beat Pokémon Yellow in less then five minutes

Posted by: WillsGlitches
Date: 2016-01-05 19:34:58
First make sure you have no save file. If you do press Up, Select, and B to reset it. Now start a new game. Important: make sure you pick your name Ash and your rivals name Blue. Now quickly go down stairs and go to the first tile at the door to the outside. Now open up your menu and go to save. At a very specific timing reset your game. I don't know the exact timing but it's around when the yes or no box closes and the bottom text changes. Now a few things could happen. Your file could be destroyed. The second outcome is that your game is all could and when you try to open your pokémon menu it won't do anything. The correct outcome is everything is fine and you can open your pokémon menu. If you can open your pokémon menu then first swap any pokémon between one to nine and put that pokémon at section 10. Then swap slot 11 to slot 9. Now close your pokémon menu and go to your items. Keep pressing down until it stops flashing. Then press A. The menu will have lots of things pop up. Next press Down then A, Down then A. Next go down the items until you find the first master ball. Swap the item below it (it does not matter what the item is) with the next master ball you see in the menu. Now select the item and toss sixty eight of that item. select yes then exit the door and you will be in the Hall of Fame. You will also have a complete pokédex.

Re: How to beat Pokémon Yellow in less then five minutes

Posted by: Krys3000
Date: 2016-01-06 01:03:31
Hello WillsGlitches!

This trick - the Save Abuse Glitch - is relatively well known (I don't know if there's a wiki page but we discuss it a lot here)

If you'd like to know about the mecanics of this glitch (especially to adapt the number of Pokémon in the dex, don't hesitate to ask!