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Generation I Glitch Discussion

Stabilizing fused Pokemons - Page 1

Stabilizing fused Pokemons

Posted by: Zenoxis62
Date: 2016-02-12 14:50:50
Hello guys,

I'm here to ask you for help : I have a level 255 fused pokemon (it has mew's sprite and XU-XU's stats [size=8pt](,))[/size]
I want to stabilize it so the fused pokemon' sprite isn't mew anymore and becomes xu-xu's

In order to achieve this, I went to Day Care and I deposited the Pokemon => it spriten changed to xu-xu (which is what I want) but sadly it lost it's level 255 and became level 100
whereas I saw this on Bulpedia "[size=10pt]Stabilizing the hybrid will preserve the level[/size]" [size=8pt]([/size]

Is there a way to stabilize (get the original sprite back) + keep the level 255 for my Pokemon ?
Also is it possible to remove a move/ level to 255 a pokemon with the 8F glitch ?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Stabilizing fused Pokemons

Posted by: Krys3000
Date: 2016-02-13 16:47:36
I am clearly not an expert in glitch pokémon hybrids. Maybe someone will know more. But I don't think it's possible for an hybrid to stabilize while keeping a level above 100.

However, it is very easy to add/remove a move or change back the level to 255 with 8F; if you need instructions for that, don't hesitate to ask.

Re: Stabilizing fused Pokemons

Posted by: Zenoxis62
Date: 2016-02-13 20:37:54
Yes that'd be really cool thanks !
Please explain me for both R/B and Yellow versions :)

Re: Stabilizing fused Pokemons

Posted by: Krys3000
Date: 2016-02-14 15:17:26
To perform anything using 8F Code Execution, you need three things:

- The 8F (R/B) / ws l'm (Y) item.
- Some specific Pokémon depending on the version
- Know the RAM address that controls the data you want to change, the value of the data you want to put in it, and how to translate all this to items.

Getting 8F

There are several ways to get the 8F item but the most realistic solution is to use the dry variant of the item underflow glitch. To do this, you need an item with a quantity of 255, which can be obtained by two means.

If you can encounter MissingNo. (using Old Man Trick in R/B, Ditto Trick, Cooltrainer Trick, whatever) you just have to encounter him to change the quantity of your sixth item to x128. Lower it to x127 by tossing items and catch MissingNo. (or encounter it a second time) to change the quantity to x255.

If you can't/don't want to encounter MissingNo., you can use the Glitch City RAM Manipulation.

Once you have your x255 stack of an item, you can proceed to the glitch and the 'Celadon Loop Trick' described by TheZZAZZGlitch here. This example uses a stack of X Special x255 and performs the item underflow glitch while standing in this specific spot. Switching the first X Special with the Nugget in 35th position allows you to get the 8F or ws l'm item after a certain amount of steps. In the aforementioned link, there is a video that explains well this technique so I think you will get it easily.

Prepare Pokémon setup

You will need to prepare one of the many possible setups in either your party (R/B) or your box (Y). For yellow games, I personally use this setup (w sm version) with the slight change that in non-english european games, Growlithe is replaced with Kadabra. There is also this setup : but I never tried it.

Know what to change

Most of the RAM addresses are described in Datacrystal's RAM Map which also applies to Yellow but every address is -1. For example, the address for Pokemon 1's Move 1 is $D173 in R/B and $D172 in Yellow.

Now that you know that, let's say you have a Pikachu in first position of your party and want to change its first attack to SURF. This basically means you want to affect to RAM address $D172 the value of the SURF move. GCL's Big List gives you the hex value for each move, Pokémon, item, etc. Here, SURF's hex value would be 39.

Proceed the same way I already explained (using D1, 72 and 39 as respectively red blue and green value):,6638.msg199419.html#msg199419
To convert hex values into decimal quantities of items, you can use windows' calculator.
This also explains you how a gameshark code works (thus, how you can convert a gameshark code to a 8F code).

If you understood that well you should now know how to teach FLY to your Pikachu as the second move :)

If you know want to do something else like changing the level of a Pokémon to 255, the value you will affect to the given address ($D18B for Pokémon 1 in Yellow) will be FF. Which means you need the Carbos to be x255. Luckily for you, lowena just designed an 8F code for that here.

R/B works the same way, but using a party setup and the 8F item instead of ws l'm. Ask if there's something you don't get. Have fun! 

Re: Stabilizing fused Pokemons

Posted by: Zenoxis62
Date: 2016-02-14 19:00:14
Thanks for the answer !  :)
I understood the blue, green and red numbers part but not really the rest
How are the items (ex: lemonade) that we need defined ? How do I know what item to use ?
+ what defines the decimal quantity of the 2 last items ? (in your example)

Re: Stabilizing fused Pokemons

Posted by: Krys3000
Date: 2016-02-15 04:03:30
In the case of a single ram address modification these items are always the same and the quantities of Poké Ball and Fresh Water are also constant. I will explain you why and further how to execute more complex code tonight (for me, which might be around noon in the US)  ;)

EDIT: we eventually discussed about this in PM, but I'll write everything here again

Re: Stabilizing fused Pokemons

Posted by: Zenoxis62
Date: 2016-02-15 08:37:23
Thanks a lot !
I am playing on Yellow and this is what I have right now :
wsm (it's the good item, right?)
and this BOX 1 setup :
[size=8pt]Tangela with 233 HP

I am testing a couple scripts such as the one I found on your website prama-initiative [size=8pt]
(ws m
L'objet qui doit changer
Anti-brule x43
Antigel x43
Total soin x201)[/size]

I'm looking forward for learning to do script on my own :)

(nvm) got the Pikachu to learn SURF and FLY this 8F glitch is so fucking awesome !

BTW on this page some data have multiple codes like: D23D-D23E - Max HP
What do you I have to do when I want to edit the HP and there are multiple codes ? Thanks

Re: Stabilizing fused Pokemons

Posted by: ISSOtm
Date: 2016-02-22 19:42:07
Consider D23D-D23E the same way you would consider the number 1234 : 12*100+34. So here, it's a little different, max HP is (value @ D32D) * 256 + (value @ D32E)
You can edit both addresses independently.

Please note that having max HP over 999 will display incorrect graphics but will work fine.