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Generation I Glitch Discussion

Anything about glitch types? - Page 1

Anything about glitch types?

Posted by: Krys3000
Date: 2016-03-24 12:13:23
Hey everyone,

As you know, gen 1 games had 15 types.

Normal    00
Fighting  01
Flying    02
Poison    03
Ground    04
Rock      05
Bug        07
Ghost      08
Fire      14
Water      15
Grass      16
Electric  17
Psychic    18
Ice        19
Dragon    1A

There are missing numbers in the list of hex IDs for types (no 06, 09->13) and I suddenly realize I don't know much about potential glitch types. When you change a Pokémon's type using Gameshark/Memory Viewer/ACE, the new type, while active, is not shown in the stat view. Do you guys know if every missing slot and everything from 1B to FF matches a "null type" with no effect at all or if someone has tested every slot against every real type to check for resistance and super-effectiveness?


Re: Anything about glitch types?

Posted by: Háčky
Date: 2016-03-24 12:41:00
Type effectiveness is defined by a list of the pairings that are super effective, not very effective, or ineffective. Any pairing not in the list results in neutral damage.

Re: Anything about glitch types?

Posted by: Krys3000
Date: 2016-03-24 12:50:23
Great, that's what I was wondering. Thanks a lot, Háčky!