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Generation I Glitch Discussion

All cries for Generation 1 Glitch Pokemon? - Page 1

All cries for Generation 1 Glitch Pokemon?

Posted by: Agile-eagle1994
Date: 2016-10-05 12:08:57
I'm making a Minecraft mod that adds a glitch dimension and glitch Pokemon to inhabit it. I wanted them to use their cries as idle sounds. And I know that the GlitchDex has the cry for each glitch on its page, but it seems like it's broken. I want the cries in .ogg format, because using VisualBoyAdvance to record the cry and then editing the music out with Audacity muffles the cry's sound. I tried this with X-x's cry and although it worked, like I said before, the sound was muffled and slurred, and it was also a bit higher in pitch. It would also help if the fainting sound and the Generation 2 Super effective attack sound could be ripped.
I'm really interested in glitch Pokemon, they're my favorite part of the games. I've attached the muffled version of X-x's cry to my post. (It has to be in .ogg format, otherwise Minecraft won't be able to recognize it natively)