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Generation I Glitch Discussion

Pokemon Green Speedrun Ideas - Page 1

Pokemon Green Speedrun Ideas

Posted by: camper
Date: 2017-10-16 14:32:46
I guess you all know TPP. We just started a run of "English" Pokemon Green as a sidegame, with 1 input (A, B, Start, Select and directions) between PBR matches, and devs blocked all Select inputs a while ago, so what we essentially have are single button presses of A, B, Start, Up, Down, Left or Right every ~45 seconds in-game time. Select glitches are out, soft resetting is impossible, trainer-escape is improbable (requires encounter in front of trainer, and only 1 chance per trainer since we can't reset), cooltrainer is also impossible.

With all these restrictions, what's the fastest (fewest inputs) way to beat the game?

Re: Pokemon Green Speedrun Ideas

Posted by: Parzival
Date: 2017-10-16 18:51:22 might not allow for game completion, but it'll certainly be useful. Only issue is getting the items needed.