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Generation I Glitch Discussion

Trainer Escape glitch disappearing object questions - Page 1

Trainer Escape glitch disappearing object questions

Posted by: realsamusaran
Date: 2017-11-01 19:12:20
I was messing around in Pokemon Yellow, trying to disappear all the fake item Voltorbs and Electrodes in the Power Plant. It worked for the first attempt, but subsequent attempts all failed.

I looked everywhere I'd been for anything that might have gone missing instead, but everything was how it was before doing the glitch. I'd been through all these areas and collected every hidden or visible item, and I'd defeated all but the trainers I was using for the glitch, in order to control for as many variables as I could. I also minimized the number of areas I had to pass through by using the Route 10 Pokemon Center outside Rock Tunnel as my last Pokemon Center so I could warp back there.

So I was wondering, how is the missable object to be removed determined by the game? Does anyone have a comprehensive list of which objects can be removed through Trainer Escape and where they're at? Also, what happens when there aren't any objects in memory to be removed after finishing the glitch?

Re: Trainer Escape glitch disappearing object questions

Posted by: ISSOtm
Date: 2017-11-02 05:38:16
The game has a list of objects that can be removed for each map. When you enter a new map, the previous list is overwritten with the new one.
The glitch occurs because performing the Mew Glitch forces the game to remove an entry not in the list, and as such it will remove the object which has the entry right after the new list ends.

To say it differently :

You go to one map with three objects, the list becomes :
ID A -> Object 3
ID B -> Object 1
ID C -> Object 4

You then go to one map with only one object :
ID D -> Object 8

You go to one map with only one object, and trigger Mew Glitch there.
ID E -> Object 5
The game will thus remove the last object loaded in the slot (list length + 1), thus it will remove object 1 in the map with three objects.
If the object was already removed, it will still be removed.

The point is, what matters are which maps you traverse before activating Mew Glitch, and which map you activate Mew Glitch in. For example, this means that doing the same steps twice will not disappear two objects, but only one (twice, but that doesn't matter).

So far, I don't think any comprehensive map has been made.

Re: Trainer Escape glitch disappearing object questions

Posted by: Nostalgia
Date: 2017-11-02 08:52:05
On the topic of disappearing objects, the most common one among players seems to be the police officer outside of the house where you get the Dig TM in Cerulean City.  It's such a common one because many players perform the Mew Glitch with the Slowpoke trainer above the nugget bridge as seen on many Mew Glitch videos and when they teleport/fly back to Cerulean City that officer is removed in the process. However many players don't seem to realise that - you can just use the swimmer in Misty's gym for the Mew Glitch and still get a Mew in Cerulean and avoid having the officer removed.

Re: Trainer Escape glitch disappearing object questions

Posted by: realsamusaran
Date: 2017-11-02 16:09:26
I see, that makes sense. I hadn't considered that it would be trying to remove something that's already gone, I figured it might just jump to the next one down the list. Thanks for the info.

New question then. How would one go about checking maps' lists of missable objects to document how many are on each map? A debugger of some kind?