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Generation I Glitch Discussion

New Pokemon Yellow Softlock? - Page 1

New Pokemon Yellow Softlock?

Posted by: Nackles42
Date: 2018-04-29 11:14:17

Detailed in the video, I softlocked after trying to Masterball a MissingNo. in an attempt to duplicate a second item. The Masterball would not stop wiggling, and seemingly, there isn't an end to this. If there is, it's probably followed by a crash, but idk. If anyone has any reasoning as to why this occurs, that would be cool, because I sure don't.

EDIT: I also searched around a bit, and I could not find it documented anywhere else.

Re: New Pokemon Yellow Softlock?

Posted by: hpoké_coloradohugge
Date: 2018-04-29 14:49:16
This happened to me on cartridge last year on yellow aswell. not sure what causes it, but it def happened to me before. :O

Re: New Pokemon Yellow Softlock?

Posted by: Torchickens
Date: 2018-04-29 16:31:02
I think I remember when you do the stable unstable MissingNo. trick (MissingNo. is first encounter with save file removed with Up+Select+B; does not work on some emulators but works on BGB) you can catch unstable MissingNo. with no ball rolls or something. I suspect then maybe something is corrupted from its sprite that affects the ball rolls and it's not always the same.

Re: New Pokemon Yellow Softlock?

Posted by: Nackles42
Date: 2018-04-29 18:16:22
Hmm…. I was using VBA, and it definitely was not the first time I had encountered MissingNo. or other glitch Pokemon (I caught a 4 4Hy and evolved it into Q, for instance). I had definitely saved and reset prior to this. I tried waiting it out, nothing seemed to happen after 255 shakes, so…. I really got nothing on this one. Maybe something would happen after I waited for another number of shakes (65535, for instance) but I have not tried yet, and I doubt it would provide anything other than a crash. Oh well.

Re: New Pokemon Yellow Softlock?

Posted by: ISSOtm
Date: 2018-04-29 22:13:56
Here's what should happen:

Finally, and using that parameter, the game plays the ball toss animation.

This ends up in the special handler, which first plays the corresponding toss sub-animation, then sub-anims from this sequence.

I haven't looked into the rest much more than finding the ball-shake function.