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Generation I Glitch Discussion

How do you go into making a custom roster/loadout in R/B/Y? - Page 1

How do you go into making a custom roster/loadout in R/B/Y?

Posted by: GlitchedPokemonStudent
Date: 2018-08-04 19:56:19
After I watched the "Elite Six/Five Glitch Masters" video/s several times out of boredom, it got me into thinking of ideas for "Gym Leader Ultimas." but in a team with a specific type. I can think one for Misty:
Misty Ultima Gym Leader Edition: (R/B/Y)
Level 205 Dewgong
Level 205 Seadra
Level 205 Golduck
Level 205 LM 4: $C6 (Red and Blue) or P ID: $DF (Yellow)
Level 205 Lapras
Level 205 Starmie

However, I'm not sure how you can control rosters in a way that you can make in an ACE or in memory editor. I know it's possible for Glitch Trainer $FC, but what about for regular trainers? I can't seem to find the location on where it controls the loadouts, even through Google searching.

Re: How do you go into making a custom roster/loadout in R/B/Y?

Posted by: Torchickens
Date: 2018-08-26 15:34:51
I think if you change this structure, then that will basically do it.

There may be other elaborate ways with arbitrary code execution, but it's probably easier just to change that structure.

Unfortunately this doesn't change the real Trainer roster (but changing it acts lets you battle a custom trainer anyway until power off) because many are just taken from somewhere in the ROM. If you access the Trainer with 01xx59D0 (or Trainer escape glitch without GameShark), the roster is taken from 01xx5DD0 (or Special stat stage without GameShark), which loads the data from a certain source that (except for glitch Trainer 0xFC) you may not be able to change without editing the ROM or Game Genie. If you access the Trainer with 01xxD8CF (or old man glitch, encounter table manipulation without GameShark), the Trainers however as described here (note the table is incomplete)