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Generation I Glitch Discussion

"5 ERROR forever" - Page 1

"5 ERROR forever"

Posted by: Torchickens
Date: 2018-12-08 23:12:01
With the glitch I've recently documented, set CC57 to 0D (Red). Or just set it to 0D with arbitrary code execution.

This causes "5 ERROR" (which may be a number greater than 5 or it could just be a glitch character before the 5) to appear continuously, even after changing maps.


Furthermore, battles seem to be disabled and the game will lock if you jump off a ledge.

The effect can be removed by abusing a frame where you can open the Start menu to save and reset the game.

Maybe this could be used for skipping trainer battles.

In theory, if you're doing this with glitch item name overflow, you may want to send out a glitch Pokémon with a 0x0D character in its name. You will also need to set CC47 to 01 (there are various glitch Pokémon with 01 bytes in their name) to avoid a freeze. Not sure whether this would be good for a speedrun except maybe a no warp one.

Edit: CC57 as 2A is better but disables Bicycle and causes music to constantly repeat.

Re: "5 ERROR forever"

Posted by: Torchickens
Date: 2018-12-15 16:23:04
CC57:0D CC58:06 will force a glitch text box to appear or the "Welcome to our POKéMON CENTER!" text to appear, depending on certain conditions (of which I feel may or may not be a text address in VRAM). This is because the 0xFF control character is the Pokémon Center sequence, and VRAM inaccessibility means that this data may be read as an 0xFF byte). As before, there is a small amount of time where you can open the Start menu.

Although it could be inferred that this technique is useful for eliminating the use of healing items, it seems that Trainer battles (in addition to possibly wild battles) are disabled. However, it may also have its uses if you have the expanded party.

Previous glitches which involve healing an expanded party include Pokémon Center, 'purified, protected zone' healing, and Mom's healing message. This particular script may allow for some other interesting side effects when it is activated in different areas. However, there are other means of causing this message to appear. In English versions, changing the source of D36C/D36D (it's within the expanded inventory) would provide the same effect, provided that you set up the glitch again each time after changing maps. In Japanese versions, Pocket Doctor (, GoldBadge) renders the idea of this technique obsolete, due to the fact that you can bring up the Pokémon Center text any time by using the glitch item.

(Other interesting indices may occupy the space of this post)