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Generation I Glitch Discussion

Duccio trick - Page 1

Duccio trick

Posted by: Matt1990
Date: 2020-05-31 10:50:34
Greetings! Today I got contacted by an user in the glitching Italian community (Proteus) which gave us new things to talk about. Although Gen I games are well known for being explored, things are not exactly the same for the Italian version of the game, as some glitches might have different properties between versions. The name of the glitch comes from the in-game trade Duccio (the Farfetch'd which is named DUX in the English version, censored in our country for obvious reasons) which will let you meet over level 100 Pokémon in the Italian version. To do so, you must do the Trainer escape glitch, challenge a trainer to re-enable the menu and go to the NPC which will let you do the trade. It won't matter if you'll do the trade or not as long as you speak to him and get back to the original trainer (the one which you flew from). The Pokémons are the same as the ones you get from the Old Man Glitch, but since most of them have blank spaces they will result into MissingNo. which will lead to a crash in the Italian version. However, the following trades will give you these results:
Spearow > Farfetch'd: Lv. 142 Muk
Ponyta > Seel: Lv. 128 Electrode
Venonat > Tangela: Lv. 128 Bulbasaur

However, when chaining two Trainer escape glitches along with these in-game trade encounters, It's possible to run into glitchmons or even glitch trainers.
The most notable ones are, when doing it with the Muk, you'd end up with L M 4 or h POKé and y O, a Professor Oak with two Pokémon and a glitch trainer which will send out Charizard'm and then will crash

However, when doing it with the Bulbasaur you might end up with a ìù which will evolve one level after and once the evolution screen is over it'll evolve again into hPOKé, which hints that some glitch Pokémon have different evolutions/learnsets in the Italian version compared to ENG. The rest are your usual glitchmons  although this one once captured will turn the player invisible in the overworld as you can see in this screenshot. However, this one has a very long cry (around 4 minutes long!)

I'll keep this main post updated in case we find out new things there.

Re: Duccio trick

Posted by: Torchickens
Date: 2020-06-07 13:03:57
Nice finds. I think the Pokémon you get might be from the nickname, like the English equivalent