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Why exactly does the game softlock if you win a battle under save corruption? - Page 1

Why exactly does the game softlock if you win a battle under save corruption?

Posted by: Gummysaur
Date: 2020-08-13 09:25:23
Hi guys, hope this isn't a common question. A few years back I got super into the save corruption glitch, because it was really easy to perform on hardware (well, bar the couple-frame window for resetting, but once you get that its easy). I tried doing all sorts of stuff with it, like getting the walk over walls effect and going all the way to Cinnabar, but if you can't leave Pallet the other way then you run out of stuff to do pretty quickly.

Usually with this glitch, the rival battle is unwinnable because all you have are Pokemon with useless glitch moves. But since your inventory's overflowed, you can find a ton of Rare Candies if you scroll far enough. So I leveled up one of my Pokemon enough for it to learn an actual move, and ended up winning the battle.

For some reason, after I do this, the game softlocks. The sprites will still spin around, the music continues to play, but the game accepts no inputs. Is this escapable? Why does it happen?

Edit: I just performed the same thing for more details, since the last time I did this was a long time ago. Once you win the battle, the player sprite becomes glitched out. The game only accepts one input, the A button (to talk to your rival), at which the graphics become slightly glitched and a box pops up that says "1 ERROR." That's all you seem to be able to do; you can't open the menu, turn around, or move.

Edit 2: Found this video, but it doesn't explain why it happens. This video also has several different effects; different numbers other than "1" pop up before ERROR, and random sounds get played (for me the music just keeps playing uninterrupted). I'm playing the game on the 3DS VC by the way.