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Generation II Glitch Discussion

Glitch Trainers In Gold Version - An Experiment :D - Page 1

Glitch Trainers In Gold Version - An Experiment :D

Posted by: Glitch-Lord
Date: 2008-08-23 20:28:30
In Gold Version, you may be experimenting with the Gameshark if you are on an Emulator, and may experiment with Trainer Modifiers. A few times you will get the wierd ????? Sprited Trainer with a strange name (For Instance, Growlithe, Vileplume, Gibberish Stuff) and may find out that their 1st pokemon, a ????? at Lv 0 Will Halt The Game after sending out your pokemon. There is a way to get around this, by using the Steal Trainers Pokemon Code after the "(Trainer) wants to fight!!" screen. But then you will need too turn it off and on at certain times, like when the enemy faints to keep the battle going. I haven't gotten through these Strange trainers because of after like 8-10 pokemon, they send out a high level pokemon. But anyways, here is what i got so far of what they use:

Lv 0 ?????
Lv 27 Charmander
Lv 0 Ursaring
Lv 223 Wartortle

All of these know strange moves, like Wartortle knows Horn Drill and other strange moves.

This list is not complete, mostly because that Lv 223 Wartortle slows me down. But anyways, these appear more than once in the battle, as far as i know. ????? is always 1st, then usually a charmander or 2, ursarings, charmanders, another ?????, wartortle, and So On. I will update this more when i find out more of the Glitch Trainers Pokemon.  :)

Re: Glitch Trainers In Gold Version - An Experiment :D

Posted by: Glitch-Lord
Date: 2008-09-09 20:42:45
It seems that the trainer has all of these pokemon in a scrambled order and with random quantities, which ????? will always be sent out 1st. Wartortle is the only one with moves, strange ones too. The Ursaring, Charmander, and ????? only know struggle. More Updates later..