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Generation II Glitch Discussion

Pokemon Gold/Silver Title Screen Scene Modifier - Page 1

Pokemon Gold/Silver Title Screen Scene Modifier

Posted by: Torchickens
Date: 2009-06-08 03:52:25
I have been testing other parts of the game like animations and came across this code:


010026C5 - always acts as if the 'Gamefreak' logo hasn't changed - basically refuses to switch away from the dull monochrome colours all the way through

010126C5 - The shooting star appears yet the game switches back to the introduction copyrights screen straight after - loops

010226C5 - The shooting star appears but is cut off, the game switches back to the introduction copyrights screen straight after -loop

010326C5- Invisible star or extremely small one, game switches back to introduction copyright screen straight after - loop

010426C5 - Instead of a star a somewhat strange spiky ball object comes, monochrome colours come and the magikarps are glitched up as well as lots of other objects, Ho-oh flaps glitch blocks out of his wings

010526C5 - Ball instead of a star, one shellder is missing and a magikarp is lapras' head. Lapras is just a dot. Pikachu chases another pikachu with an 'a' in his body instead of jigglypuff. Ho-oh flaps more glitch blocks.

010626C5 - Small droplet instead of a star, when shelders come the game switches into a green glitch dimension

010726C5 - Glitch object instead of a star turns into a ball, one shelder is a magikarp, one magikarp is lapras' head after that scene turns into a glitch dimension with slightly off colours
(Or on emulator displays tilesets)

010826C5 - star is a glitch object magikarp replaces a shellder, no magikarps exist and lapras is a glitch object. Pikachu is chasing himself in his sit position. Pikachu is always seen after this point. Ho-oh is leaking blocks as well as stars.

010926C5 - star does not exist instead, magikarp replaces a shellder one magikarp is glitched. Lapras is not so glitched. Pikachu is replaced by a glitch block. Pikachu seems to be stuck in cyndaquil's pose for the next parts, Ho-oh is leaking glitch blocks again.

01FF26C5 -  star looks really glitched, shellder is flashing when lapras is supposed to appear game changes into a glitch dimension.