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Generation II Glitch Discussion

Forcing pre-set text to appear at any time - Pokemon Gold - Page 1

Forcing pre-set text to appear at any time - Pokemon Gold

Posted by: Torchickens
Date: 2009-11-13 07:31:45
It seems that every tile on the game map has pre-set information which portrays what a particular object or NPC will say.

For example when A is pressed Nurse Joy will usually ask you if you want to heal your pokemon if the value is 1, whilst the value will always be 0 when you're walking about on the map unless for some particular reason it is set for 1, e.g. you push a boulder down and get the message 'The boulder falls through'.

I was experimenting and found the following codes when searching the value 1 for normal dialogue which displayed text and the value 0 for no text to appear at all:


The interesting thing was that when I left the value as 0 and spoke to Nurse Joy no text dialogue would appear; except a sprite of a man walking back and forth seemed to replace the flashing arrow to continue the text. As expected when the code was set back to 1 Nurse Joy would immediately say 'Welcome to our Pokemon Center' and other lines but when keeping the value on as 1 after Nurse Joy finished healing my Pokemon it appeared that Nurse Joy spoke to me about Pokerus in a glitchy font, even though none of my pokemon had it, I'm guessing this was true because Professor Elm spoke to me about Pokerus when I stepped out the Pokemon Center.

Out of curiosity I set the value as 1 as soon as I walked out of the Pokemon Center, in one instance Bill messaged me telling me that my box was full even though I didn't have any Pokemon in it. On a stranger incidence I set the code as 1 as soon as I walked out of the Pokemon Center and a Yes/No message box popped up with no text to go with it in again 'glitch language', I deactivated the code and selected 'No' and the game did not crash; instead rather strangely the map started to shake and then moved the map view one step down, that glitched up the map a bit and it appears that my character is walking on walls when he is actually one step away from them. I chose 'Yes' later and got the same results.

This time I kept the value on as 1 when talking to an ordinary person in the Pokemon Center, who I presume does not normally have anything 'optional' to say after talking to him normally. But he actually did say something extra! But I can't be certain what he said because it was in that peculiar 'glitch font.' He was a NPC in Blackthorn City, but as I expected a lot of the other NPCs either crashed the game or reset it into a glitch dimension.

Re: Forcing pre-set text to appear at any time - Pokemon Gold

Posted by: Guy
Date: 2009-11-13 21:36:41
You never cease to come up with new glitch discoveries, do you?
Coming from you, though I know this is not a formal submission, this is approved on sight (by me at least). You can add it to the wiki (and your other glitches too).

P.S. Sorry if an Admin is meant to say this.