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Generation II Glitch Discussion

Is this possible... - Page 1

Is this possible...

Posted by: xXKaonashiXx
Date: 2011-12-29 15:12:41
Ok, I know this sounds fake, but bear with me, because I am SO confused right now, and I know you guys on Glitch-City are the only people who can solve this mystery.
I bought Pokemon Gold at Target after Pokemon R/S/E was released. The game seems normal, looks normal, and came wrapped in box from their game cabinets.
I distinctly remember beating the elite 4, being in New Bark Town, talking to the professor, and getting the GS Ball. He said I had to hold it for him, or get it to professor Oak in Kanto, or something along those lines.
I bought the game at Target, like I said, wrapped, and after the release of Pokemon R/S/E. The save files have been sturdy, and I had not sharked the game at the time this happened.
I still have the cart, but I couldn't rip it- I don't have the tools. It still works just fine.

So, here's my question- was my game pirated, then? Did I access unused text? Because, I haven't beaten the game again (PS: That file is long gone, unfortunately, at the time, I didn't realize the significance of the GS Ball, since I had seen it on the anime, and thought it was just as normal as any other Pokeball.), so, I haven't seen again if it'll say the same thing. I do know sometimes that game carts CAN glitch and use unused text, which if I recall correctly, was how we found "NORTH/SOUTH/EAST/WEST" in Pokemon Red and Blue, wasn't it? And, I do recall hearing that this text WAS translated to English, wasn't it?

Let the theories roll.

Re: Is this possible...

Posted by: Tsukuu
Date: 2011-12-29 17:23:55
For me, there are 2 possibilities:

- Maybe it's a hacked version or something… my previous Green version had some areas with the wild Pokémon data glitched (a random house in Vermilion and the higher floor of that gate below Lavender had random Lv. 70+ Pokémon, and Diglett's Tunnel had more than just Digletts and Dugtrios, which included a Lv. 0 Arcanine :P).

- You also may have a false memory, which happened to me twice. In one, I clearly remember me randomly going through Platinum's Victory Road using Walk Through Walls AR, and then I found the entrance for a tunnel with fog which lead me to Rayquaza, and months later, when some of my friends was pursuing the legendaries, I said something about that, and he was like "Lol what?", so I looked for that on webs, and later by myself again on Platinum's Victory Road, and thought that was a dream until I read about the false memories (which was like 3 years after). The other was related to a trainer's Castform in that route between Fortree and Lilycove City, where I clearly remember that Castform using Hydro Pump, but I didn't care to that, until I knew that Laturn's Earthquake and thought that Castform was another case since iirc it learns Hydro Pump only in Gen IV, so later I tried to see its four moves in both Emerald and Ruby, and none was Hydro Pump.

Re: Is this possible...

Posted by: Bent`
Date: 2011-12-29 17:27:26
Youre probably confusing it with the Master Ball, which Elm gives you after beating Clair. If you forget to talk to him until after you beat the Elite Four, he will still give it to you the next time you talk to him.

ELM: Hi, GOLD! Thanks to you, my research is going great!

Take this as a token of my appreciation.

The MASTER BALL is the best!

It's the ultimate BALL! It'll catch any POKéMON without fail.

It's given only to recognized POKéMON researchers.

I think you can make much better use of it than I can, GOLD!