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Generation II Glitch Discussion

GSC ????? FC, FD, and FE Research - Page 1

GSC ????? FC, FD, and FE Research

Posted by: Pokeglitch86
Date: 2013-02-01 13:10:01
I was wondering how much research/experimentation has been done with the GSC glitch pokemon other than FF or 00 (FC, FD, and FE). They should be obtainable through in-game means between the Celebi Glitch and the Name Trick along with perhaps importing glitch moves with corresponding hex from RBY. I plan on finding an in-game means of obtaining them and begin experimenting with them within the coming weeks. However, if anyone knows information (or where to find information) regarding these pokemon it would be very useful and appreciated. I will post any of my own findings within this thread.