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Generation II Glitch Discussion

(GSC) Celebi Trick - Page 1

(GSC) Celebi Trick

Posted by: SloshedMail
Date: 2013-09-04 22:19:54
This topic is for the Celebi Trick that works in the Crystal version. It allows you to get a Celebi without the usage of Gameshark. It was originally made by Paco81, a Spanish member in the forums; the (old) topic is located here but it's locked since it was currently in the Project Phoenix section and the topics there weren't meant to have any additional replies on it. I, in the topic, mentioned about new things regarding the trick.

In a nutshell, this trick requires to have bad clones through duplication. This is possible when you turn the power off (While saving through switching boxes or activating the 'Move without mail' option) earlier than you would normally do to make perfect clones. When you first see the bad clones, after powering on and accessing the PC firsthand, it will cause glitches. To get around this, you must use any item or battle a trainer/wild Pokémon. Believe me; I thought I broke the game when I first discovered bad clones.


The Pokémon Celebi is hexadecimal value 'FB' which is the same for the attack 'Beat Up'. The attack Beat Up is only possible to obtain from Sneasel after it levels up to 57. So, when you obtain a Sneasel with this attack, duplicate at least five of them. All of them should not be changed - the moves, level, etc. Then, with the bad clone, sort them in a new box in the following order…



When pulling off this trick, you must FIRST be at Cherrygrove City to do this. You must save the game near the PC then reset the game. Also, when you first access the PC, you must first go to the Change Box option and choose the 'NAME' on one of them. You don't need to rename anything as you can immediately select 'END'. After that, go to the Withdraw option… Now, the first thing you'll see is that the screen may stay white. The game needs you to press A/B a few times before the screen actually appears. The next thing you'll see is that the Pokémon is changed to Kingdra (E6 - Sweet Scent). Sometimes it may appear as Feraligator, Natu, Piloswine, etc. When you scroll down, you'll have to press a few buttons before the next Pokémon is seen. Scroll all the way down to what appears to be the CANCEL button; this is also a Pokémon but is a #000 ?????. Withdraw it out.


The next thing you'll either see is that the Pokémon you have in the box will have one less letter in their name or not. It depends on how far you have gotten in the game. At the time I have done this, there has been one less letter working nearly all of the time. There wasn't any on the 3rd time while on a new game. Either way, you'll have 6 Pokémon in the PC yet the game is telling you that you have 5. After that, exit out of the PC and use an item or partake in a battle before using the PC again. Also, release the CANCEL button you have withdrawn before doing anything else.



Next, withdraw the first four Pokémon . It must ONLY be those four as the last two should never be touched. What you will most likely see as you withdraw the four Pokémon is that one letter on the next one was subtracted from their name. In addition, by checking one of the Pokémon stats while in the PC, you'll see that the clones are in fact a different Pokémon ! The attack moves that the clones had will depend on what you will get including an item on the same hex value. So, in this case, you would obtain a Celebi but right now it's still a Sneasel. Viewing the Pokémon's stats will show that it's still a Sneasel if you aren't using the PC.

Go to the Day Care building next and store the Pokémon. Immediately withdraw it out and the Pokémon that was previously a Sneasel will change to the Pokémon to obtained from the trick. In this case, you now have a Celebi in your possession. However, if the Pokémon's EXP points are glitched - especially after seeing experience underflow, those will round out to at least 254 levels, causing you to spend more than what you most likely bargain for. I suggest leveling the Pokémon up with a Rare Candy if they're not Level 100 before storing them.


The Celebi isn't registered in the Pokedex? There is a couple ways to register the Pokémon. The first one is in Bulbapedia having the usage of over 6 Pokémon. The second one is what will be explained; when you have a Pokémon you don't need anymore, store it to the glitched box you have used for the Celebi trick; you may only do it via Move w/o Mail option because storing it via Deposit will replace the last slot of the glitched Pokémon with the one you deposit and the box won't be glitched anymore.

As said in this topic, the name of the Pokémon loses one letter. However, this also removes the Original Trainer's name by one letter and will replace one of the ID's to 0. I have read that, after reverting a Pokémon back to normal, you could still use the Name Rater to change the name. I haven't gotten this to work yet but this method will allow you to do so anyway. It's much more safer in my opinion.

When the Pokémon is in the glitched box - knowing that it's the first in line, move an egg to the glitched box. It must always be at the top of the line in this case.

The Pokémon in the second slot will most likely gain a letter instead of losing one. Also, this will most likely turn a Pokémon that was previously transformed to whatever you have withdrawn last time as the game remembers this. Move the second Pokémon into another box; the Egg will lose a letter.

Next, move a Celebi inside the glitched box.

The Egg will gain it's letter back like normal. Then move the Celebi out of the glitched box

…and move it back.


The Egg will then gain a letter depending on what name the Celebi was. This also means that the Pokémon inside the egg has transformed to whatever you have moved out and in. There is a drawback to this method, if the letter of the Pokémon in the glitched box doesn't lose/gain during or after you move the desired Pokémon above the Egg, the egg will most likely go into an endless "This Egg will take a long time to hatch" meaning that the egg won't hatch at all. To get through this, for the letter doesn't subtract while moving the desired Pokémon out and in the glitched box, you must lose two letters on the egg before pulling it off. When you have one letter subtracted, the non-letter-losing part will equal the Egg to have four letters instead of the normal three. This also works on shiny eggs; allowing you to obtain every shiny Pokémon in the game, as I explained on my other video.

I do want to mention that you may obtain mail from the glitched Pokémon. However, the egg will most likely have "?????" in the letter. Taking it out and moving it to your items section will give you a "?" (Hex value 00). This "?" crashes the game when highlighted.

Be very careful when viewing the stats of #000 ?????. When you check the stats of it, the second type is a glitch that does various things. It could change the map to a glitch dimension, temporarily change species, or it could crash the game. Every crash/lock-up in this part is random. However, IT MAY CORRUPT YOUR SAVE DATA. Every crash/near-crash rewrites the ram. You could change to a boy/girl. You could also obtain instant text. The Battle Tower may be glitched. The Japanese version can do this glitch as well; but #000 ????? can easily glitch the map without crashing the game in any map you want.



You can also see this video here on what I exactly did above for it to work. You can also see my previous posts about other things including experience underflow and etc. Lets hope Bulbapedia catches up…

Re: (GSC) Celebi Trick

Posted by: goldnux
Date: 2013-09-14 14:20:24
I think I'm one of the few people who understood your first video, after watching it several times… this is great, it definitely feels safer than having seven pokemon in your party. And of course it's not limited to getting celebi - I also made myself a surfing pikachu by hybridizing using glitched boxes.

I don't use exactly the same method, but most of what I do is based off of the youtube video. I prefer not to use eggs, but in the end, the pokemon still has the correct information so that it obeys you. It goes like this:
- Make the glitched box as described, except: The first 4 pokemon can be anything, the second last a bad clone, and the last can be anything.
- When the glitched box has been formed, release all the glitch pokemon you've withdrawn. There should now be 2 glitch pokemon in the glitch box. Never touch them. Keep them there for future shenanigans.

- Get a pokemon with beat up as its first move (ex. SNEASEL).
- Put the SNEASEL into the glitched box.
- Move another pokemon into the glitched box.
- Move the SNEASEL to your party - but now it's "NEASEL".
- Take the item from "NEASEL". This item, HM09, represents the move BEAT UP, and the pokemon id for CELEBI.
- (optional) If you want your SNEASEL with his attacks back, give him an item to replace his first attack slot.
- move NEASEL back to the glitched box.
- move the other pokemon out of the box.
- Move SNEASEL out of the box. The 2 pokemon should be normal again (except for SNEASEL's first attack slot).

Now you have HM09, the key to getting Celebi.

- Move an expendable pokemon (ex. RATTATA) into the box.
- Move another pokemon (say, CATERPIE) into the box.
- Move RATTATA to the party, who should now be named CRATTATA. C is for the first letter in CATERPIE.
- Replace CRATTATA's item with HM09. The item he is holding will represent his species.
- Move CRATTATA back into the glitched box.
- Move CATERPIE out of the box.
- Move RATTATA back to the party.

RATTATA is now a hybrid with CELEBI, but there won't be much indication of this. Fix his potentially glitched EXP by giving him a rare candy, then bring him to the daycare and he will turn into a CELEBI. Not only that, but CELEBI's OT and trainer name should be the same as the original RATTATA's. If you did it right, the other participating pokemon shouldn't be glitched up either.

Also, you can get your sneasel with this technique as well, using the item "TM24" or the move "Heal Bell". Then use the level trick shown in the youtube video to go through Sneasel's moveset and teach him beat up. The level trick can mess up the OT name, but I mentioned a way around that in the video's comments. Just use the level trick again with a glitched pokemon of id #0. (but that might not work if your name is the maximum length possible.)

I actually followed a convoluted chain since I didn't have a sneasel. I think my pokemon was mutated similar to this way:

shiny gyarados (holding TM49) -> miltank (knows heal bell) -> sneasel (knows beat up) -> shiny celebi

And with the level trick, that's how I got a shiny level 100 obedient renamable Celebi…

The main caveat is that celebi won't appear in the pokedex.

Re: (GSC) Celebi Trick

Posted by: SloshedMail
Date: 2013-11-18 07:00:41
I remember saying that I seen a blue Dodrio upon looking at #000's stats. I found it at my archives.


Re: (GSC) Celebi Trick

Posted by: Torchickens
Date: 2013-11-18 07:41:14

I remember saying that I seen a blue Dodrio upon looking at #000's stats. I found it at my archives.

Cool. That's funny. I wonder how that happened, as in GSC, at least outside of boxes, the donor uses the sprite of a Pokémon with its palette while the true sprite (i.e. the recipient's) is only seen in battle.

I've seen something like this before, though. In Generation I, if you beat the Elite Four with a glitch Pokémon in the team after a normal Pokémon, in the Hall of Fame listing it may copy the sprite of the normal Pokémon but keep the palette, like this. (note that 'Cheese' is a 3TrainerPoké)


I'm guessing that there was an actual Dodrio somewhere in the box in your Crystal and ????? (00) copied its sprite, as ????? (00)'s palette is blue.