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Generation II Glitch Discussion

Gen II Battle Transition Oversight - Page 1

Gen II Battle Transition Oversight

Posted by: pigdevil2010
Date: 2016-02-18 10:46:02
I found this while working on a rom hack of Pokemon Crystal. According to the disassembly, there's a battle transition for when your first Pokemon has a level less than the opponent by at least three and the one for the opposite. Just like in Gen I. However, I tested it and whatever the level my Pokemon was, the transition always resulted randomly. So I debugged the rom and found out that those Pokemon level data it supposed to compare are not loaded. This oversight even occurred in the original Gold/Silver.


According to the above image, $CB19 (BattleMonLevel) should be $35, which was the level of my Meganium. And $D0FC (EnemyMonLevel) should be the level of an opponent. These data are used for something else outside the battle (for example, BattleMonLevel is a part of tile map buffer) so that's why the result of battle transition effect is random.

Sorry again if someone else already discovered this.

Re: Gen II Battle Transition Oversight

Posted by: ISSOtm
Date: 2016-02-22 19:09:23
I've been browsing the Pokémon glitch community for a while, but never found anything like this. Do you thing this has any potential to be useful ? (I doubt it could outside of a TAS, but I trust you to find creative answers)

Anyways, if the game does not load the mon's level, what is use for comparaison ?