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Generation II Glitch Discussion

Map distortion glitch help wanted for Gold - Page 1

Map distortion glitch help wanted for Gold

Posted by: Torchickens
Date: 2017-01-04 19:05:13
Wondering if any speedrunners could help me out here. I obtained a bad clone with Pokémon Stadium 2 in Gold and used it to withdraw over six Pokémon (to get 27 or so) mainly Abra named GEODUDE like in Bobmario's TAS until the glitch dimension occurred.

The only problem is every time I try to open the Pokémon menu the game hangs like this instead of loading a glitched menu.


Does anybody know what causes the game to lock-up?

I have a suspicion that if any of my Pokémon have 0 maximum HP that may be the problem. Thanks in advance.

Edit: Forcing the top Pokémon to be a hex:FF didn't work.

Re: Map distortion glitch help wanted for Gold

Posted by: Torchickens
Date: 2017-08-30 15:25:08
Looking at the first six Pokémon max HP second bytes, they go as such: DA4F, DA7F, DAAF, DADF, DB0F, DB3F. There is an addition of 0x30 each time.

Hence to get any Pokémon max HP byte 2, perhaps we can extrapolate backwards and get: DA1F+(30*Party Slot)=Address.

I'll be redoing this glitch and using memory editor to set maximum HP values of 0 to a non-00 value another day and post the results. Perhaps if you have well-trained Pokémon cloned you can force a lower number of 00-bytes in the data where max HP byte 2s lie and avoid the freeze.

Pokémon 1: DA4F
Pokémon 2: DA7F
Pokémon 3: DAAF
Pokémon 4: DADF
Pokémon 5: DB0F
Pokémon 6: DB3F
Pokémon 7: DB6F
Pokémon 8: DB9F
Pokémon 9: DBCF
Pokémon 10: DBFF
Pokémon 11: DC2F
Pokémon 12: DC5F
Pokémon 13: DC8F
Pokémon 14: DCBF
Pokémon 15: DCEF
Pokémon 16: DD1F
Pokémon 17: DD4F
Pokémon 18: DD7F
Pokémon 19: DDAF
Pokémon 20: DDDF
Pokémon 21: DE0F
Pokémon 22: DE3F
Pokémon 23: DE6F
Pokémon 24: DE9F
Pokémon 25: DECF
Pokémon 26: DEFF
Pokémon 27: DF2F
Pokémon 28: DF5F
Pokémon 29: DF8F

Re: Map distortion glitch help wanted for Gold

Posted by: Torchickens
Date: 2017-09-09 12:03:49
Mysteriously on my recent save file, map distortion glitch has started working.

While indeed Pokémon 1-6 must not have 0 maximum HP and over 0 current HP, it seems you can get away with Pokémon in slot 7 and beyond having 0 maximum HP, unless the addresses above are incorrect, because after browsing the summaries the game didn't freeze.

However testing another file with Pokémon 1-6 with above 0 maximum HP the game still froze. I wonder why :/

Edit: OK, I solved through a lot of trial and error this may work if max HPs are correct and DBFF, DC2F, DC5F, DC8F, DCEF are all 50, for when you have 24 Pokémon. It seems you don't need a 50 on DCBF. I don't know how post-6 names work and why this was the case, wonder if anyone has any technical insight on this please?

Edit 2: Going deeper, those addresses can be a value 04 or greater which seems odd. This would may make the party overloading prep easier though.

Edit 3: Turns out all those addresses were already listed as HP addresses. Weird that they had to have a value over 3, and after further analysis that is not necessarily true. With 26 Pokémon the rule (or similar non-00 value rule) applies all the way up to DE6F, but this time when DE6F was 1 it worked. I wonder if the current HP is involved.

Edit 4: So it looks like as long as we meet those values everything is fine. Using werster's method of fainting the top six Pokémon (without converting the ????? 00 to ????? FF), moving the ????? 00 to the bottom and depositing Pokémon 2 over and over again) we can end encounters immediately and beat the game, provided the distortions work properly.