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GS Ball event by editing address byte via Arduino? - Page 1

GS Ball event by editing address byte via Arduino?

Posted by: Geration111
Date: 2017-04-18 12:07:39
Hi guys, i hope this is the right section of the forum to ask this.
So yesterday i was able to trade pokemons between my Arduino and Pokémon Crystal only by using the SPI communication (so via game link cable, i only have an input, an output and the clock). I was wondering if there is a way, during the communication process, to set the byte 0x0B in the address 0xBE3C to the RAM (that address is in the RAM, right?) of the game cartridge. Do you guys know  the SRAM bank for the 0xBE3C offset address?

I also would like to ask, because i have an European cartridge, you if in European versions of the game the address changes or not, because i know for japanese games is another address, i think is address $A800 (0xA000) of the SRAM.

And in your opinion, should i be able to send the byte by only using the serial communication during the communication process bewtween the Arduino and my gameboy? Anyone knows the function to do so (sending THAT byte to THAT precise address)?

Does anyone have any ideas?

In these topics there are the only infos i know:;nowap ;   <————– here i don't see any 0xBE3C address, why is that so?