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Generation II Glitch Discussion

'Wild appeared' corruption in Generation II - Page 1

'Wild appeared' corruption in Generation II

Posted by: Torchickens
Date: 2017-08-30 10:41:33
In Gold/Silver I have a party of 29 Pokémon I got from ????? party overloading. When I entered a battle I noticed something rather interesting:

Memory addresses near D0ED (the opposing Pokémon) including D0ED were replaced with values 0x31-0x33!


These are the same values in wild appeared corruption from Generation I, which TheZZAZZGlitch explains here.

Note though that in Generation I you could trigger it with 0 Pokémon. You can't do that in Generation II due to an error handler that makes sure the battle doesn't start. Furthermore in Generation I you needed 239 or more Pokémon (or 0 Pokémon) to corrupt the enemy Pokémon. Here in Generation II it seems like you can corrupt this with a lot less Pokémon.

Upon throwing a Master Ball the enemy Pokémon turned out to be a Dugtrio. At one point it appeared as a Dugtrio with Venomoth's sprite strangely, which I suspect may be because I think the battle addresses have two species bytes as well (and 0x31 Venomoth is one of the possible bytes).


I wonder what else you can corrupt with this and also if the FF terminator at the top only thing (international dokokashira door glitch) is in Generation II.